Wonder how to use Virtual Destinations?

Virtual destinations are best defined by our customers and their individual use cases. How our customers are using it really tells the story because with a Virtual Destination the use cases are truly endless. Maybe you want to hire and onboard new employees. Or open a center for professional development. Or build a user community. Or launch a new product. Or even host a virtual fashion show.  You tell us what you want to do, and we’ll tell you how to get it done. Did we mention we make it easy? Check out “Why We’re It”


Virtual Career Fair 6Connex

Connect employers to job candidates in a virtual job fair featuring webcasts, webinars and video interviews. Perfect for reaching a large number of candidates at one time, creating a destination career fair can bring a consistent flow of new resumes to hungry employers.


Virtual Training and Education 6Connex

Train, educate and certify a worldwide audience with virtual learning solutions. Connect students to teachers and to valuable course content in a single destination for all kinds of continuing education programs.


Virtual Marketing and Lead Generation 6Connex

Create more impact and reach more customers and prospects with a virtual destination. Ideal for lead generation, product launches and other marketing initiatives, virtual programs can also add a new twist to your content marketing strategy.


Virtual Sales Enablement 6Connex

Connect your sales team to each other, to management and to customers via virtual sales training. An annual sales kick off meeting or a perpetual sales training destination will educate, energize and empower your entire global sales staff.


Virtaul Destinations Partner Program 6Connex

Create closer connection with your partner community by hosting a virtual conference for training and enablement. Choose a full day meeting agenda, quarterly summits, short bi-weekly partner updates, or all three for maximum partner support.


Virtual Tradeshow and Conference 6Connex

Extend the reach and the life of your physical event with the addition of a virtual trade show. Or launch a virtual-only conference and beat the travel-budget blues. Connect your sponsors to prospects and increase the overall ROI from live event through on-demand access.