Market and Sell

Virtual Destinations are made to help companies Market and Sell their products and solutions.  

All companies need to market and sell in order to thrive. That means you need to first get the attention of prospects and customers and second to tell your story in a way that resonates and inspires action.

While your specific strategy will include many different channels, Virtual Destinations can help you reach further, engage faster and connect more frequently. All while providing a strong ROI for every dollar invested.

Do you need a creative way to launch a new product? Or maybe you need to pump up sales through channel partners  or you’d just like to get some additional return on your old webinars. You tell us what you want to do, and we’ll tell you how to get it done.

A Webinar Theater

6Connex Virtual Events Webinar Theater

Increase the ROI on all your webinars with a single virtual theater for live and on-demand sessions.

What Is It?

A virtual home for all your webinar content, both live and on-demand.  Drive registrations for individual webinars, while providing access to a library of existing resources.  Options include 1:1, small group and public chat, lots of social sharing, and detailed reporting to create a valuable picture of each prospect over time.

Why Do You Need It?

You have limited time and resources, so making the most of every piece of content is critical.   If you can drive more views for your on-demand content, you can engage more customers and prospects, squeezing more ROI from each webinar campaign and stretching your budget just a bit further.

Field Marketing Portal

6Connex Virtual Events Field Marketing Portal

Shorten the time to market for new resources and win over your field sales team with a persistent and engaging marketing portal.

What Is It?

A Field Marketing Portal is a persistent virtual environment that directly serves the information needs of prospects and customers while providing numerous opportunities for direct connection with sales reps. Often used as a tool by reps on face-to-face calls, the virtual portal can includes regularly scheduled programming in the form of webinars or expert chat conversations. And simple to manage content library allows you to publish fresh content in a matter of clicks.

Why Do You Need It?

Your reps are hungry, all the time.  Keeping their pipeline full is your number one goal, and building value and pushing prospects down the funnel is key.  Centralizing your programs around a virtual portal can be an effective strategy for field marketing success.

Virtual Roadshow

6Connex Virtual Events Virtual Roadshow

Increase both reach and ROI by adding virtual to your next roadshow.

What Is It?

A virtual extension of your physical roadshow content.  Stream live video from the last city on your tour for a hybrid extension, or run a 100% virtual day that includes “lessons learned” in the field.  Enable attendees to network with peers and enable sales reps to connect directly with the best prospects.  You can even invite the individuals who attended in-person to join the conversation and share their stories about your solutions.

Why Do You Need It?

It’s all about pipeline and ROI.  You already invested in creating an agenda, recruiting the right speakers and even buying the swag.  A Virtual Roadshow can help you squeeze more ROI out of all that investment while building your pipeline across the country or around the globe.

Partner Education

6Connex Virtual Events Partner Education

Educate and motivate your partners more efficiently with virtual partner education.

What Is It?

It depends.  Maybe it’s a Virtual Partner Conference with a packed agenda of webcast sessions over two days, streamed live from a physical event out to a global partner network.  Or maybe it’s a persistent, 365/24/7 Virtual Education Center with hosted expert Q&A and new product announcements.  The best virtual programs are tailored around your unique channel program.

Why Do You Need It?

You need to rise above the clutter, and you need to foster your channel relationships every day.  Consistent engagement with partners makes them feel supported and connected and helps to keep your organization top of mind, two critical drivers of greater channel sales.

Virtual Tradeshow / Conference

6Connex Virtual Events Virtual Tradeshow and Conference

Generate more leads and increase the ROI of physical events with a virtual tradeshow or conference.

What Is It?

Exactly what it sounds like: the best elements of a physical tradeshow, only accessible from anywhere, with no limits on location or timezone.  Main stage presentations, an exhibit hall & booths, and countless opportunities to network, all in one place for both live and on-demand consumption and connection.  Sometimes an extension of a physical event, sometimes a virtual-only experience; always focused on engagement and leads.

Why Do You Need It?

You need to deliver more leads, and you know events are still at the top of almost every marketer’s list of demand generation programs for one reason – they work. Whether you re-use content from a physical show or create a brand new agenda, a virtual conference attracts the prospects you want, who are just waiting to engage and convert.