Recruit, Train and Motivate Employees

Virtual Destinations are an ideal solution to Recruit, Train and Motivate Employees.

Every organization wants to hire the best employees, train them for success and retain them for the long haul. It’s just good business.

Achieving these goals with cost-effective solutions that increase ROI over time is even better business.

Maybe you want to hire and onboard new employees. Or open a center for professional development. Or motivate your sales team to crush their new goals. You tell us what you want to do, and we’ll tell you how to get it done.

Virtual Career Fair

6Connex Virtual Events Virtual Career Fair

Lower your recruitment costs and reach a larger candidate pool with a virtual career fair or virtual recruitment center.

What Is It?

Whether a true “fair” model with virtual booths for multiple employers or a more compact “recruitment center” for a single employer, the Virtual Career Fair invites candidates to pre-register and upload their resumes in advance of any live activity.  Recruiters are typically on-hand to answer questions while candidates view videos, brochures and job listings.  Often a means to pre-qualify candidates for phone or in-person interviews, direct hiring managers can also join the virtual conversations and chat with candidates on-the-fly.

Why Do You Need It?

You need to be available when and where your best candidates are.  That means giving them access to recruiters from their phone on a lunch break or at home while the kids are having an after-school snack.  The easier you make it for your future employees to engage with your company the higher the likelihood you’ll both find exactly the right fit.

Employee Onboarding Center

6Connex Virtual Events Employee Onboarding

Shorten the ramp time for your new hires with a virtual destination for onboarding.

What Is It?

A virtual destination for new hires to view on-demand videos about the corporate culture, engage in virtual “meet-and-greet” sessions with global team members and participate in live webcast sessions with department leaders.  Maybe it serves a short-term need, or maybe it becomes a resource before Day One….maybe it even becomes a part of everyday learning.  Your use case will be unique to your organization.

Why Do You Need It?

You need your employees to be productive as quickly as possible, and you have a long list of what it will take to make that happen.  Easy access to resources and immediate connection to the company culture should be at the top of your list.  The more you can enable and create connection, simple touch points with your employees, the faster they will get up-to-speed and the greater the likelihood they will become contributing team members.

Sales Kick Off

6Connex Virtual Events Sales Kick Off

Save money while increasing employee engagement and motivation with a virtual kick off and learning program.

What Is It?

A virtual destination housing keynotes, training breakouts, sales strategies and sales wins, all surrounded by live peer-to-peer connection.  Often a “hybrid” program, with some participants in the same physical location, the virtual SKO enables anytime and anywhere access to resources and can be virtual-only or on-demand-only – and may even evolve into a persistent learning environment.

Why Do You Need It?

You have to cut costs, because sending 5,000 reps to Las Vegas is really expensive.  Not to mention your sales training content is valuable far beyond your front line reps. Inside sales, account managers, customer service teams, sales engineering, marketing – they all need to know what’s expected in the new year.  Bring everyone together virtually to ensure more people in your organization are focused on the right goals.

Virtual Benefits Fair

6Connex Virtual Events Virtual Benefits Fair

Keep employees informed and increase job satisfaction with an interactive portal for everything benefits-related.

What Is It?

A virtual destination specifically focused on employee benefits.  It can be broad in focus, providing general information about numerous benefits, or it can be very tightly focused, on a specific topic like health insurance or childcare programs.  Enterprise entitlement allows for limited access based on employee status or groups, while interactivity and connection can be scheduled or ad-hoc.  Virtual booths invite outside firms to speak directly to employees.

Why Do You Need It?

Employees have questions, and they want to feel both heard and connected, a challenge that gets larger in today’s “work from anywhere” culture.  More access to information, when coupled with more opportunities for live connection, can be a great way to both empower and motivate your employees – one more step towards a satisfied workforce.

Virtual Academy

6Connex Virtual Events Virtual Academy

Increase employee productivity and maximize resources with a virtual academy.  

What Is It?

A Virtual Academy serves as your virtual campus, with an engaging and intuitive navigation that invites connection with all your great training content, and with peers and instructors.  Design can speak volumes, bringing your corporate HQ to life, while a seamless mobile experience empowers employees to learn from literally anywhere.  Finally, enterprise-class entitlement cuts through the clutter, delivering the right courses to the right individuals.

Why Do You Need It?

You invest heavily in your employees, your learning systems and your course development.  If the end users aren’t engaged, or courses aren’t easily accessible when and where needed, your investments are at risk. Creating a virtual experience can help ensure your corporate training program delivers measurable value and true employee engagement.