What is a Virtual Destination?

It’s a virtual environment that brings your use case to life.  Whether that’s a traditional tradeshow, a persistent learning environment, a career fair, a sales kick off…or something entirely new and unique.  Virtual Destinations provide context around your content and new opportunities for your audience to connect, with each other and with you.

Want to learn more about how you can use a virtual destination?  Visit our How To Use It page, or contact us for a live demo today.

Key Platform Features

Looking for a modern virtual event platform, that’s both fresh and innovative? Want to configure your unique experience, for your unique audience? Want to create an experience beyond the typical virtual event? 6Connex Virtual Destinations are the most modern and configurable on the market.

100% Mobile and Cross-Platform


Access to your virtual environment from any device, on any browser, is a must. Have confidence in the only virtual event platform developed with HTML5, for a true mobile experience with true cross-platform support. Virtual connection anywhere, anytime – exactly as it should be.

Deep Metrics & Reporting


Of course it’s real time data – with real-time access. Track, calculate and measure the ROI of your program with 20+ reports accessed with a few clicks, any time you want them. Capture key demographics at registration, then develop a picture of your audience over time.  Understand behavior, learn content preferences and deliver quality leads.

Social Networking & Connection

6Connex Virtual Events Social Networking

Why else come to a Virtual Destination? Live chat, Twitter, RSS, polls, surveys – virtual engagement that puts connection and community at your fingertips.

Connection is simple & intuitive with 1:1, small group, public and moderated.  Want more social?  Login and share with LinkedIn. Connect to Twitter for broader exposure. With flexible controls, you decide what’s best for your audience, your program.


6Connex Virtual Events Scale

Expecting a crowd?  No problem.Invite just a few, or a few thousand, with confidence, knowing that scale is never as issue.  Hosted in the cloud, platform capacity in your virtual destination is virtually unlimited.

Enterprise-Level Security


Designed to pass the most stringent enterprise IT review, secure event settings offer powerful options like whitelisting / blacklisting, complex passwords and secure cookie handling.  Need single sign-on?  How about a custom SAML integration?  No problem for our tech team – securing your content and your experience is their top priority.

Choice of Rooms & Spaces


You own the environment, so you choose the rooms & spaces.  Think big with a Auditorium, Exhibit Hall & Booths, Lounge and Resource Center, or keep it streamlined with a simple Classroom or Theater.  Name them, color them, completely customize them. Each room should reflect your program, your audience, your aesthetic.

Webcasts & Webinars


Live, simulive, or on-demand.  Webcam or full production video.  One-to-many or collaborative connection.  Add webinars and webcasts to your virtual environment…or run them as standalone sessions.  We offer numerous options with all the features you need to deliver engaging programs.

Permission-Based Access


It’s all in the details, and powerful entitlement features let you configure the experience down to the nitty gritty. Control access to individual content items or entire rooms & spaces. Communicate with specific groups via broadcast messages and targeted email.  Satisfy almost any enterprise audience requirement.