Six More Ideas for Your Virtual Conference Sponsorships

Last week I shared six initial ideas for adding more value to virtual event or virtual conference sponsorships, and specifically to sponsor virtual booths.  This week, I have a couple more ideas around booths, as well as a few ideas to help extend the sponsorships throughout your virtual conference.  Here we go:

1 – Preparation is key.  Sales reps may be the last ones to show up for training, but they are crucial to sponsorship success.  While you don’t want reps stalking attendees during the keynote, you do want reps who know how to use the virtual event platform and who are prepared with appropriate outreach and appropriate answers to common questions – even questions about the general session agenda.  Make sure reps know how to leverage experts for small group conversations, and encourage them to think about a next step, whether that’s a whitepaper download, a scheduled demo or an invitation to next week’s webinar.

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