University of Alberta: Virtual Recruitment


With 6Connex’s 100% HTML5 virtual event platform, the University of Alberta’s International administration recently created an online open house to encourage international student applicants. This virtual event gave the administration an online venue to reach out to students located around the globe who may not have the awareness of certain programs or the means to travel.

Individuals working the virtual open house event were regional experts in their respective fields. Since language and immigration information is region-specific, using a virtual environment made it easy to focus on specific topics. Recruiters were also able to target graduate students and others who start school at different times. With the convenience of online tools, recruiters can pick up where they left off at any part in the recruitment process.



Registrants from around the world


Prefer an instant response


Attendance Rate

The University of Alberta launched the initial event online and captured an audience of 1,500 registrants from around the world. It was expected that roughly, ⅓ of those registrants would actually participate, but the event ended up with 580 attendees, exceeding expectations.

Since recruitment is a process that requires follow up after the initial contact for a successful outcome, the University of Alberta contacts and engages with those students that attended the virtual open house and showed in interest in the university.

Overall, the University of Alberta Virtual Open house was engaging and piqued students’ curiosities.


The goal was to increase the international student applicants for the University of Alberta by building excitement via a virtual open house. With the International Virtual Fair slated for March 2018, their deadline for recruitment was fast approaching.

The University of Alberta and 6Connex collaborated to design virtual rooms that resembled some of the University of Alberta’s physical buildings, creating an authentic user experience. Students were able to genuinely partake in the university atmosphere by roaming the scholarship, immigrations, and lobby areas. When the International Virtual Fair officially went live, students were able to explore these rooms in greater depth in addition to faculty-specific rooms, such as engineering or the arts.

“Recruiters and participants felt less anonymous and it was nice to have an easy way to follow up after the in-person meeting. Millennials prefer an instant response and this virtual event allows just that. They (students) can be referred to a different room if they are seeking specific information.”
– Jones-Bourque, BCom, Marketing & Communications Manager, University of Alberta International