LAZ Parking: Virtual Benefits Fair


With healthcare programs becoming more complex and workplaces becoming more abstract, open enrollment can be a confusing time for some employees. How effectively employers communicate employee benefit plan intricacies can have a significant impact on overall employee loyalty, satisfaction, and production. Open enrollment events where employees have the opportunity to ask questions can be instrumental when it comes to clarifying confusing human resource lingo, introducing a new plan option or making modifications to existing networks or benefits.

The virtual environment housed a lobby area, where employees entered and were then steered towards the auditorium where the live sessions occurred. Employees were able to chat with human resource personnel during live sessions. Booths were also available to showcase different healthcare plans and options, such as medical, dental, and vision and help employees navigate through the decision-making process.

“With over 4,000 employees geographically dispersed across the U.S. eligible for health benefits every year, it just made more sense to take open enrollment virtual.”
– Catherine Carney, LAZ Parking Wellness Coach

Because the 6Connex virtual online conference platform was easy to access and intuitive, all employees were able to fully participate and engage in discussions. In fact, the event allowed LAZ Parking to go virtually paperless, as their enrollment, medical, and claim forms were directly linked to their human resources portal from the online conference site.


With the 6Connex virtual platform in place, LAZ Parking was able to send a consistent message to their employees regardless of location. This eliminated redundant inquiries when it came to weighing health benefit preferences.




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“In the past, we use to train our Human Resource representatives so that they can communicate the message to their departments. This required travel and training, costing money and taking time away from daily work activities. Now, corporate can just send the consistent message across the board. This year it was worth its weight in gold.”
– Catherine Carney, LAZ Parking Wellness Coach


LAZParking, one of the nation’s largest parking companies, decided to help their employees make informed benefits selection decisions by bringing their annual open enrollment process online. With most of the employees only having a mobile phone – because they are not at their desks due to the type of work that they perform- the virtual environment provided an ideal platform to communicate the benefit options for the year. Hosted on the 100% HTML5 6Connexvirtual event platform, LAZ Parking’s Open Enrollment conference was accessible to employees to join online twice a day for 3 weeks. Presentations were recorded live for on-demand viewing. This made the annual open enrollment process very convenient, especially for those employees constantly on the go.

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