NACDD: Virtual Conference


The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) has a history of conducting training and technical assistance webinars for its members to provide ongoing information and training to Chronic Disease practitioners. Each month, participants would call in to hear presentations from specialists regarding various Chronic Disease topics. To further educate and engage state departments and share information from the CDC, NACDD contacted 6Connex about orchestrating a virtual event. This would allow participants to instantly access pertinent information when the CDC does not have the resources to offer on the spot technical training. As a result, the NACDD was able to offer live webinar sessions embedded into the conference platform.

“Professional development and workforce development is a vital part of our day-to-day work.  Being able to provide valuable content virtually helps us to offer training and technical assistance in a cost-effective and innovative way.  Our organization works to ensure that educational content is easily accessible and engaging for the audiences. The virtual conference serves (NACDD) as an innovative and cost-effective venue/platform that allows collaboration between state leaders, decision makers and practitioners working in environmental health and chronic disease prevention.”
– Stephanie Mathews, MPH Public Health Consultant, NACDD



Implementing the NACDD event virtually allowed public health officials to track how information was received. Capturing initial registration details informed department leaders how often their participants were interacting using statistical analytics.

“The virtual conference event allows us to feature all the elements and benefits of a live conference event at a mere fraction of the cost. In addition, we can host a secondary virtual event long after the main event has occurred. The options are limitless. The 6Connex Virtual Platform far exceeds many of the other online virtual platforms I have seen. 6Connex’s Virtual Environment offers the most realistic interaction and aesthetics. Their features and options are the perfect way to engage audiences.”
– Stephanie Mathews, MPH Public Health Consultant, NACDD

“In the midst of travel restrictions and budgetary constraints, having the ability to provide professional development opportunities virtually has been a tremendous advantage.”
– Stephanie Mathews, MPH Public Health Consultant, NACDD


The NACDD was able to efficiently share valuable information content areas to its 6,000 participants across all states. Engaging State Health officials in important chronic disease discussions made them more aware of potentially broader, related public health issues. This was seamlessly achieved through 6Connex’s Virtual Event Platform.

Even with the transition of moving away from traditional dial-in webinars, attendees responded well to the convenience and ease of the virtual event platform’s instant access to various content, webinars, training rooms, and social media/networking tools. Participants were astounded by their capacity to view a live format from the convenience of their desktops, tablets, or smartphones. Additionally, materials were accessible from any location with the ability to watch and review as often as necessary.


6Connex set out to create an online event where Chronic Disease specialists can receive professional development and training not only in specific areas of Chronic Disease, but in the public health arena as well. In addition to offering training and mentoring for NACDD members, the goal was to educate policy makers and state leaders by enabling partnerships with specialists. The 6Connex Virtual Environment made it possible for attendees to view information at their conveniences without having to budget in travel expenses. This was especially beneficial for hard to reach areas affected by US territory travel restrictions.

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