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Virtual Events vs. Physical Events: The Definitive Pro-Con List

Virtual event planning software is clearly on the rise, with lead generating virtual events consistently proving themselves as the most powerful weapon in the digital marketing arsenal.  With such powerful results, multi-sponsor marketing events that have always been predominantly physical are now turning into virtual summits. Companies are learning how to connect with attendees through

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Top 6 Virtual Trade Show Benefits: Why Opt for a Virtual Trade Show?

Advances in virtual trade show software have paved the way for the exceedingly popular movement towards all-virtual sales experiences. Exhibitors and event marketing professionals everywhere are championing virtual trade shows for their relatively low costs and substantial ROI.  Here’s why. The ability to generate qualified leads directly from your office without having to run up

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Demand Generation Solutions: How Virtual Summits Can Drastically Drive Results

I can almost hear your marketing team gathering around their round table and discussing “What are the best demand generation solutions of 2020?” That’s when they come across the results-driven phenomena that are virtual summits, which includes benefits like: Expanding brand awareness Enhancing network opportunities Saving on physical event costs Increasing value and ROI But

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