6Connex is a global software and services provider for enterprise online events. Our cloud-based product portfolio includes virtual environments, learning management and webinars. Designed for marketing, sales, recruitment, training and HR communications, we transform big ideas into real-world results.

Led by the most innovative and experienced leaders in online events, the 6Connex platform was built to be the most configurable, secure and reliable product on the market. Our seasoned project managers, who have experience working with companies across all industries, provide hands-on support and strategic guidance.

6Connex has helped many leading brands increase the effectiveness of their online programs by driving revenue growth, saving money and increased employee productivity. Our customers include Salesforce, BlackRock, GE, CDC, Ericsson, CA Technologies and Intuit.

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Customers are the lifeblood of 6Connex.

When our customers use the 6Connex platform, they are putting their brands in our hands. We believe it’s our responsibility to take their brands as seriously as we take our own. Our goal is to consistently exceed client expectations. Our CEO personally interacts with each client and, like our employees, clients have open-door access to give us either praise or suggestions for how we can do better. We understand that our clients are also our best source of innovation and inspiration.

Innovation is the catalyst for the growth and success of 6Connex.

Innovation is a critical mindset for any company that wants to both adapt and lead in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Being innovative doesn’t just mean building great software; innovation means the courage to change your business model in the face of environment or market changes. It means making decisions to continuously deliver better products and services to delight the customer. Innovation is core to the 6Connex business strategy and vision, and we strive to maintain an environment that fosters innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

We are building a company that will change the way the world communicates.

We are building a company that has the potential to change the way the world communicates, and that takes commitment from our employees. We foster an environment that brings out the best in our employees, and in return, we ask for commitment to innovation, work-life balance, and our clients. We can achieve our vision only as a team of committed and dedicated individuals. Together, we can excel!

6Connex At A Glance

  • Recognized virtual event leader
  • Cloud-based software with 99.99% reliability
  • Global services and support team
  • 100% proprietary V7 software
  • Over 3,000,000 virtual attendees
  • The only HTML5 virtual event platform
  • Enterprise-level security and privacy
  • Global reseller organization

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