Virtual Events for Learning


Change the way your learners engage with training courses and educational content.

The traditional learning management system (LMS) offers a flat, menu-driven experience that simply doesn’t inspire and engage learners; interactivity with instructors and other learners is an afterthought. Often complicated to navigate and manage, these systems can also lack mobile accessibility, personalization and flexibility.

The Way to Learn from 6Connex is not an LMS – it’s a new way to deliver training programs.

A robust module added to any Virtual Environment license, the Way to Learn blends the key tenets of learning management with the social engagement and immersive nature of virtual events and virtual environments.

  • Learning paths guide the experience.
  • Course content is complemented by live instructor-led chats.
  • Learners connect with each other to share newly gained knowledge.
  • Varied activities combat learner boredom.
  • Gamification motivates individuals and teams.
  • Quizzes and assessments track progress.
  • Learning becomes mobile.
  • Learners become empowered.

Download the datasheet for a full list of features included in the virtual event platform for learning.

Harness the power of virtual events to connect with a global audience