Taking Your Sales Kickoff Online: How to get 4X the Value and 4X the Reach

Virtual Sales Kickoffs: The New Way to Connect and Inspire Your Sales Team

There is no doubt that sales can be considered one of the main lifelines of any business- it’s mostly thanks to the sales team that revenue comes in to keep a business profitable. Which is why sales kickoffs (SKOs) are so important. Nowadays, companies use them to give their sales reps the tools and motivation they need to divide and conquer for the upcoming year. Although unfortunately, sales kickoffs can sometimes be inefficient for businesses when they’re done in-person.

That’s mainly because many organizations still fly their entire sales team to locations across the nation or the world to teach them about new tools, programs, and to have trainings together every year. From guest speakers, entertainment, travel expenses, and accommodations, these conferences can become very expensive; and sometimes not very effective. Research shows that salespeople lose 80-90% of what they learn after just one month, diminishing the long-term value of an expensive event down to… virtually nothing. This can lead to the question, ‘where did my money go?’

But don’t panic, we have good news: the new strategy for sales enablement is here… and it’s virtual! By going virtual and having your SKO in a digital platform, you can save money while simultaneously improving what the purpose of the SKO really is – to train, to learn, and to sell more.

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