Virtual Benefits Fair

The New Solution for Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can be a confusing time for employees and employers alike, especially with today’s remote working environments and complex health care programs. The open enrollment period usually begins around November 1 and lasts for several weeks. During this time, employers are allowed to change the health, vision, dental, and disability insurance plans they offer as well as other benefits like 401(k)s and flex spending accounts, and employees must elect insurance coverage through their employer or a government-funded program.

What Is a Virtual Benefits Fair?

Many organizations still fly their HR representatives to locations across the nation or the world to train employees on new benefits programs every year. Applicable information often varies from state to state and country to country, and reps must effectively (and repeatedly) communicate relevant options to each region they serve. Not only is this approach old fashioned and repetitive, but it can also be very costly and time consuming.

Using a virtual benefits fair to facilitate open enrollment can help you build employee loyalty, satisfaction, and appreciation as well as streamline the process to enhance productivity and reduce costs in your organization.

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