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Virtual Event Tip Sheet: Assemble The Right Team For Success

No matter how big or small your virtual event program, it’s important to identify early on the individuals who will help you achieve success.

Here’s a quick primer on the different roles you will likely need to fill. The Leaderboard is a perfect blend of game mechanics and content metrics that drives competition among your audience.

  • Executive Sponsor – The final say on the big picture, and the person who’s most committed to the overall success of the program.
  • Program Managers – A core team of 1-4 people who own the program, overseeing the timeline, the team(s) and progress towards specific project goals.
  • Content Contributors – The individuals you’ll rely on to submit either existing or new content.  Webinars, datasheets, training materials, videos – you’ll need a lot of content for any virtual event program.
  • Speakers – Maybe also content contributors, these individuals are your “talent” for live and recorded presentations.
  • Promotion/Audience Recruitment – The individual or team who will manage the promotion of your program, whether that’s outbound demand generation or an internal marketing effort.
  • Representatives – On point to connect with attendees during any live day activity, this team is often sales reps, product managers or other customer support.
  • Design/Graphics Support – A key role, this individual or team will provide brand guidelines, images, signage and ultimate approval on all elements related to your environment look and feel.
  • Sponsor/Booth Liaison – The “go-to” for any sponsors/partners/internal teams who own a booth or room in your environment.
  • Attendee Support – Responsible for all the small questions about your content, your agenda and your overall program.
  • Live Day Team – A mix of all the roles above, it will take full team coordination to execute a successful live day.

Of course you may not have a unique individual for each role, but keeping these needs in mind as you build out your program will help ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Bonus Tip

If your program is internal, you’ll want to engage IT resources early to ensure network access for all required employees, as well as possible integration needs and security protocols.

Whether you’re considering your first virtual event program or are an old pro at managing virtual environments, we have tips and best practices to help you create successful programs. Be sure to check back often, or subscribe to our blog!

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