Virtual Events for
Sales Enablement

A Must Watch Virtual SKO Testimonial!

A Must Watch Virtual SKO Testimonial!

Accelerate Your Team with Virtual Sales Enablement Solutions

Research shows that salespeople lose 80-90% of what they learn after just one month, diminishing the long-term value of an expensive in-person event down to virtually nothing. But don’t panic, we have good news: the new strategy for sales enablement is here… and it’s virtual! By going virtual, you can save money while simultaneously improving what the purpose of your sales events really is – to train, to learn, and to sell more.

Learn how to get 4X the value and 4X the reach by taking your sales kickoff online

Meet, Educate and Collaborate in An Instant with Virtual Sales Kickoffs

Holding your sales kickoffs in a virtual environment significantly reduces costs as well as time out of office. Whether you’re replacing in-person meetings or adding to your educational lineup, virtual is the way to go. By paring your SKO down to the virtual environment, you can expand your reach, lower your expenses and your employees have no excuse not to sell with the best information available.

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Up Your Lead Generation Game with a Virtual Event

Reach new prospects, build your brand, engage your audience, and drive leads for sales. Virtual events are the perfect platform for lead generation. You can engage thousands of leads, from anywhere on earth, and fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads!

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SonicWall’s Sales Kickoff Takes a Virtual Leap with 6Connex

Numbers don’t lie. Read about how SonicWall’s global sales team successfully came together virtually- saving over 80% of their normal physical event, with more than 15,000 content views, and over 4,000 webinar views.

Learn about SonicWall’s virtual sales kickoff success

Choose Your Virtual Event Platform Provider Wisely

When evaluating and choosing a virtual event platform, there’s more to choosing than comparing price. This in-depth eBook will help you do your own homework and choose a provider wisely—considering more than just price and what’s in their brochure.

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SnapApp Leverages Virtual Events for Lead Generation

After running their very first virtual event, Kara Widdison, SnapApp’s Marketing Manager, referred to virtual summits as: “the newest tool in a modern demand gen marketer’s arsenal to drive engagement with a skeptical audience jaded by constant bombardment with messaging in today’s saturated digital space.” If you’ve been considering hosting a virtual summit for your business but aren’t sure where to start, this on-demand webinar is a must watch!

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how SnapApp leverages virtual events for lead generation

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