Considering A Virtual Summit Platform For Your Next Meeting?

Hosting a virtual event with 6Connex allows you to reach new prospects, build your brand, engage your audience, and drive leads for sales by providing them an online event option.

Virtual Events Reach A Larger Global Audience

From product launches and conferences, to partner education and user groups, online events with 6Connex allow you to reach people around the globe all at once — without the restrictions of time zones or venue size. Hosting your event with a virtual summit platform is not only convenient for attendees and presenters, but also allows marketers to create an event catered to drive leads and sales.

Choosing the Right Platform Is Key for Successful Virtual Events

Combining the latest technology, features, and user experience is key for the most successful virtual events. Our virtual environments include a wide range of features designed for innovative and engaging programs.

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Up Your Lead Generation Game with a Virtual Event

Reach new prospects, build your brand, engage your audience, and drive leads for sales. Virtual events are the perfect platform for lead generation. You can engage thousands of leads, from anywhere on earth, and fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads!

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SnapApp Leverages Virtual Events for Lead Generation

After running their very first virtual event, Kara Widdison, SnapApp’s Marketing Manager, referred to virtual summits as: “the newest tool in a modern demand gen marketer’s arsenal to drive engagement with a skeptical audience jaded by constant bombardment with messaging in today’s saturated digital space.” If you’ve been considering hosting a virtual summit for your business but aren’t sure where to start, this on-demand webinar is a must watch!

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how SnapApp leverages virtual events for lead generation


Why 6Connex? Hear What Our Customers Have to Say


“We were able to use the momentum created when we became an independent company, and keep it going with these ‘hot topic’ and live executive sessions during our virtual SKO – We could get our message out quickly, easily, and create the same excitement we would as if we hosted an event without the stress and high dependency on our OPEX budget.”

SonicWall: Why We Chose 6Connex's Platform to Improve Our Sales Kickoffs

Hosting a virtual sales kick off meeting is a complex but very rewarding. The process includes a lot of planning including strategy, design, and development before the execution phase. Check out how the vendor to client relationship is key for a successful for any virtual event.


“The virtual conference event allows us to feature all the elements and benefits of a live conference event at a mere fraction of the cost. In addition, we can host a secondary virtual event long after the main event has occurred. The options are limitless. The 6Connex Virtual Platform far exceeds many of the other online virtual platforms I have seen. 6Connex’s Virtual Environment offers the most realistic interaction and aesthetics. Their features and options are the perfect way to engage audiences.”

Stephanie Mathews, MPH Public Health Consultant, NACDD

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6 Things to Help Find Your Ideal Virtual Summit Topic

Getting started on your first virtual summit? Here’s a tip- don’t pick your topic until you’ve read this article.

We are going to break down everything you need to know in order to come up with a winning virtual summit topic. You will learn how to: Align your vision and goals, Emphasize your authority, Use analytics to narrow down topics, Utilize your sales team to find the opportunity, Pick the right scope, Incorporate strategic takeaways

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hosting a Virtual Summit

The fierce competition for attention in today’s virtual world makes it all the more important for businesses to scout out fresh ideas that will help them engage with their prospective clients. Many have picked up on the new valuable fad of hosting virtual summits, an educational, webinar-like event growing in popularity among organizations.

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Virtual Summits Are The New Frontier in Demand Gen

An increasing number of demand gen industry leaders are beginning to make the switch from physical events and conferences to Virtual Summits as the new way to aid their lead generation efforts. Can hosting a virtual event in place of a physical event really make a difference in your business? Read below to find out how innovative virtual summits can help your demand gen efforts.

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