Hosting a Virtual Trade Show is Seamless with 6Connex

Our virtual trade show software lets you showcase your products and services to a wider range of exhibitors and attendees.

Generate More Leads with a Virtual Trade Show

Reach more people around the globe without the excessive costs and travel time. Setup custom virtual booths, chat in real-time and upload digital sales & marketing collateral.

Market Your Products Globally with a Virtual Trade Show

Virtual trade shows enable exhibitors and event professionals to reach more people at a lower cost, creating massive online audiences for companies to share their innovations with. 

Attract More Attendees

  • Increase the value of your virtual trade show and invite as many attendees to learn more about your products or services. Engage prospects anywhere, anytime on their desktop and mobile devices.

Generate New Revenue Streams Worldwide

  • Our virtual trade show software supports multiple languages and international time zones, making it possible to connect with attendees from all over the world. 
Exhibit Hall

Create a Visually Appealing Virtual Trade Show

Recreate the feel of a physical event and allow your exhibitors to customize their virtual booths. Excite prospects with a visually captivating virtual environment. 

Create Custom Virtual Trade Show Booths

  • Allow exhibitors to customize their virtual booth according to the look and feel of their brand. 

Showcase Product Information

  • Add interesting visuals and relevant media like product demos to allow potential buyers to learn more about your products and services.


Increase Engagement with Interactive Content

Educate potential buyers about your offerings through interactive content. 

Incorporate Rich Media

  • Allow exhibitors to market their products and services in an engaging way by integrating real-time chat and messaging, streamable videos and downloadable content into a single virtual trade show platform.

Leverage the 6Connex Leaderboard 

  • Drive increased attendee engagement by allowing attendees to compete for prizes. With the Leaderboard, you can assign point values for specific actions such as visiting exhibitor booths or downloading information about a product. 
Virtual Live Chat

Generate More Qualified Leads

Bring in more qualified leads with important sales insights during your online trade show. Use the insights to maximize your return on investment and keep more attendees rolling in overtime. 

Advanced Reporting & Metrics

  • Boost your return on investment by capturing valuable information during your virtual trade show event. Get instant access to reporting and analytics and find out how your visitors are interacting with your event, what pieces of content generate the most leads, the value and number of transactions performed and more. 

Extend the Life of Your Virtual Trade Show

  • Leave your event on-demand for as many live days as you like or opt for permanent access to virtual booths, presentations, downloadable materials and videos. Continue to generate leads even after the event is over. 


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The HTML5 Advantage

Access to your virtual event from any device, on any browser, is a must! 6Connex is the only virtual trade show software developed with HTML5 for a seamless mobile experience and cross-platform support. We give you an online virtual connection anywhere, anytime – exactly as it should be.

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Expecting a crowd? No problem! Invite just a few or a few thousand with confidence. Scale is never as issue with your 6Connex event. It’s hosted in the cloud making platform capacity in your virtual event virtually unlimited.

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Choice of Rooms & Spaces

It’s your online environment, and you can choose the configuration. From single conference rooms to an elaborate tradeshow with auditoriums, exhibit halls, booths, lounges, and even a resource center – we have it all. Upload or link unlimited content for your attendees. 6Connex can help you brand your event and customize the virtual platform based on your hosting needs, goals, and audience.

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Deep Metrics & Reporting

Get real-time data with real-time access for your virtual event. 6Connex platform allows you to track, calculate, and measure the ROI of your program with 20+ reports that can be accessed with just a few clicks at any time. Capture key demographics during registration, and develop a picture of your audience over time. You can gain insight into user behavior, content preferences, and capture quality leads with an online event.

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Enterprise-level Security

6Connex security is designed to pass the most stringent enterprise IT review. Our secure virtual event settings offer powerful options like whitelisting, blacklisting, complex passwords, and secure cookie handling. We can also provide single sign-on and custom SAML integration.

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Social Networking & Connection

Interact directly with your virtual event attendees or expand your reach to a broader audience with a host of options for getting connected. 6Connex virtual event software can develop live chat, polls, RSS, and social media sharing options. You can connect 1:1, in groups that can be structured or make it public. Choose what’s best for your audience and your business.

Why 6Connex? Hear What Our Customers Have to Say


“Our Virtual Conference Series is a staple in our lead gen portfolio. By partnering with 6Connex, we have been able to offer fresh & engaging programs with endless opportunities for our awesome sponsors. It’s a fabulous way for our clients to connect with the MarketingProfs community, and allows our content to be consumed in a fun & educational format. We truly the relationship we have with 6Connex. It has allowed us to really take this program to a whole new level!”

Courtney Bosch-Tanguy
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BambooHR: Why we Chose 6Connex's Virtual Event Platform

With over 60 speakers and 25,000 registrants, Bamboo HR was confident in choosing 6Connex to create and manage their virtual event.


“The 6Connex virtual event platform has helped us offer our customers new ways to engage with various audiences connected to UBM, whether that’s a multi-sponsored life day program or a dedicated virtual environment for a single sponsor We love both the flexibility of the platform and the program strategy & support from the entire team.”

Heather Haslinger

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