Virtual Training and Virtual Academies

Virtual training programs offer tremendous cost savings for global organizations. With the introduction of certification and learning management tools, 6Connex has taken these programs to a new level.

Our virtual environment can help you optimize training with reporting that helps to identify knowledge gaps as well as eliminate lag time and reduce time out of the office. This empowers your organization to not only save costs but also to improve the overall performance of your global training programs.


Develop a more effective workforce by educating learners, providing tests/quizzes, delivering certification, tracking progress, and analyzing the results in real-time.

  • Certification can be based on a single course or session
  • Automate the attendee certification process
  • Set rules, date range for completion, pass/fail percentage
virtual tradeshows & conference
webinar & theater

Continuing Education

Extend the reach and lower the cost of educational seminars and events with online extensions and virtual-only sessions.

  • Personalized pre- and post- session recommendations and follow up
  • Community interaction and user support
  • Real-time interactive attendee feedback and certification tracking

Virtual Academy

It’s easy enough to gather a small group of employees in a conference room to let them know of your new product line.

  • Access content according to learner groups and departments
  • Add courses with completion tracking
  • Track learner progress with real-time reports
virtual roadshow
Exhibit Hall

Virtual Onboarding

A virtual onboarding environment provides an engaging, and consistent onboarding learning path for new hires

  • Train your global new hires at a significantly lower cost
  • Decrease new hire time to proficiency
  • Ongoing compliance, assurance, tracking and certification


  • Tailored curriculums
  • Courses & Prerequisites
  • Test (auto-score)
  • Course completion tracking
  • Certification (auto-send)
  • Virtual mentoring
  • 1:1 and Group Chat
  • Gamification
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • LMS integration

Ready to Get Virtual with 6Connex?

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