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Grow your business and better serve your customers with 6Connex in-person, hybrid, and virtual event software.

It takes more than just a great product to be successful. At 6Connex, we partner with leading agencies, technologies, and applications to deliver the ultimate digital experience to keep your attendees immersed in your brand and message.

6Connex partners help us, and we help them.

Partnering with 6Connex allows us to do more - together

6Connex focuses on custom offerings tailored to your success and business needs. Our partnership program is built on providing organizations the opportunity to be an integral part of the thriving in-person, hybrid, and virtual events community. Partnering with 6Connex offers the ability to innovate and integrate alongside other industry-leading partners.

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Become an Agency Partner

Our agency partner program is designed to accelerate growth and increase visibility for your agency. Stand out from the competition and stretch beyond your efficiency by providing impactful business solutions with 6Connex.

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We partner with applications and solutions to expand the 6Connex platform to deliver unparalleled engagement. We work collaboratively with Solution Extension partners to solve customer problems and challenges. This generates the kind of energy that fuels innovation, inspires creativity, and improves ROI for our customers. Integrate with 6Connex to deliver valuable solutions.

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