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It takes more than just a great product to be successful. At 6Connex, we partner with leading agencies, technologies, and applications to deliver the ultimate digital experience to keep your attendees immersed in your brand and message.

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6Connex focuses on custom offerings tailored to your success and business needs. Our partnership program is built on providing organizations the opportunity to be an integral part of the thriving in-person, hybrid, and virtual events community. Partnering with 6Connex offers the ability to innovate and integrate alongside other industry-leading partners.

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Sales and technical training and certification
Discounting based on tier levels
Deal registration
Dedicated partner portal
Co-marketing initiatives and funding
Co-branded collateral
Dedicated partner demonstration platform

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Our agency partner program is designed to accelerate growth and increase visibility for your agency. Stand out from the competition and stretch beyond your efficiency by providing impactful business solutions with 6Connex.

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We partner with applications and solutions to expand the 6Connex platform to deliver unparalleled engagement. We work collaboratively with Solution Extension partners to solve customer problems and challenges. This generates the kind of energy that fuels innovation, inspires creativity, and improves ROI for our customers. Integrate with 6Connex to deliver valuable solutions.

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Many of our customers saw an urgent need to transition their meeting programs into virtual events, and we saw Broadcaster use grow exponentially. However, they still needed a virtual event environment and 6Connex was the obvious choice based on their next-generation architecture that could easily integrate with Broadcaster. Our joint solution is already proven, with one of our Fortune 500 customers seeing a six-fold uptick in ROI from the virtual version of a previously in-person event.
Mike Newman
CEO, MediaPlatform
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6Connex is an innovative platform that made it possible for my organization to quickly evolve strategy in response to Covid-19. We were tasked with turning a 500+ person live event into a virtual experience in under four weeks. This would not have been possible without a technology like 6Connex and the incredible people they have driving it! We have received rave reviews from attendees on the overall engagement and user experience of this platform. Thank you, 6Connex and Edna Lane, for helping us pull this off and wow attendees with such a memorable experience.
Brittany Manopello
Associate Director, Sales Enablement at Glassdoor
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It was easy to work with 6Connex. The platform can be customized in so many different ways that it can be overwhelming, especially for teams that are new to virtual events, but the 6Connex team was able to break it down into ‘bite sizes.’ They were business savvy and understood our needs. We would suggest something we wanted to accomplish, and they made that ‘something’ even better. The teamwork and dedication to us as a customer was incredible. We were ready to deploy a week before the event, and we felt the work to set this up was much easier than we anticipated.
Gina Hanrahan
Director, North America Benefits at Salesforce

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