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The Innovative Event Technology Solution

Adapt, innovate, turn business challenges into opportunities, and repeat.

At 6Connex, we harness the power of imagination and technology to help companies and organizations around the world grow and adapt with the dynamic digital age. Our virtual venue software is more than just video conferencing and webcasting. Change the way you see events, and transform the way you do business.

Hybrid-Ready, Fully Integratable, Open Universe for Every Use Case

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Hybrid Ready

Blend the best qualities of traditional events with the reach and scalability of a virtual event platform. Add a virtual component to your physical event with our hybrid-ready virtual environments. Create an experience where in-person and virtual co-exist, a place where everyone is included.

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Perpetual Venues

Our perpetual virtual venues takes you far beyond a single, one-off event. Manage and host as many virtual or hybrid events as you please within your branded environment, time and time again, or turn your venue into an accessible hub with content on-demand. The possibilities are endless.

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Open Universe

Create personalized experiences for individual users and groups with AI Matchmaking, MyAgenda, Meeting Scheduling, and more attendee-centric tools. We’re here to make things even easier by offering flexibility and choice within our integrations with the 6Connex Open Universe capabilities.

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Unwavering Support

6Connex has the technology, resources, and support you need to hit the ground running. Deliver an engaging virtual or hybrid event experience with unwavering support from a personalized virtual venue and event planning expert. We’ve got your back.

6Connex Virtual Venue Products


Eventory is the root of attendee experience management and efficient events, offering a organized, streamlined process, from start to finish.


6Connex Launch is an intuitive, self-service product that helps organizers gain maximum impact with minimal effort; a preconfigured balance of speed-to-delivery and ease-of-use.


6Connex Rise elevates virtual experiences for enterprise-level organizations. Leverage your trusted tech stack with our captivating and immersive open environment.


6Connex Soar empowers enterprise-level organizations to manage multiple virtual environments simultaneously and use up to 5 virtual venues for different use cases.

Trusted by Top Organizations Worldwide

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Infinite possibilities with 6Connex vritual venue software

Virtual Venues Designed With Your Business in Mind

Expand your possibilities and grow your business beyond the constraints of physical space.

With custom features, such as branded signage and sophisticated templates to build upon, 6Connex allows you to create a virtual environment and turn it into a digital space suitable for any type of event.

Make an impact on your audience by creating a virtual venue to enhance a fully-digital or physical event.

Your Peace of Mind Comes First, Just Like Our Approach On Security

ISO 27001 Certified, 6Connex implements best practices in infrastructure and security management to ensure that your data is protected at all costs. Risk-free and trustworthy – you have our word.

6Connex implements best practices in infrastructure and security management to ensure that your data is protected at all costs
Gather data in real-time so you can inspire engagement and improve experiences for your audience time after time

Real Data in Real Time

Gather data in real-time so you can inspire engagement and improve experiences for your audience time after time. Detailed analytics and reporting available at your fingertips, so you can focus on quantifying your event and improving your ROI.

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