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6Connex enables your team to strengthen your brand, improve lead generation, and extract real business value from all your events.

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Spend less time on manual webinar planning tasks and more time fostering attendee engagement to distinguish your brand and differentiate your business.

In-Person Events

From pre-event marketing to post-event reporting, effortlessly plan, manage, and deliver in-person events that better reach —and convert—your target audience. 

Hybrid Events

Amplify your in-person event’s reach and drive better results by including digital features to create a versatile attendee experience.

Virtual Events

Empower event teams with the virtual event management and engagement tools they need to reach attendees wherever they are and build lasting relationships.

Any Format, Any Size, Any Event.

Unlimited Potential.

Centralize Event Management

Host your event website, deploy marketing campaigns, set event notifications, and manage calendars from a single platform.

Built-In Ticketing and Registration

Integrate event registration, ticketing, coupons, and discounts with your payment provider. 

Welcome Attendees with Ease

Use QR code technology to manage attendees’ physical attendance.

All In One Space.

Attract, Engage, Convert, and Nurture.

Use Event Data to Enhance Your Funnel

Track your event metrics and visitor behavior to find where they hesitate, and where they convert.

Build Brand Equity and Attract New Leads

Enhance your brand’s digital experience with a 2-D or immersive space. 

Animate Your Prospects

Provide a unique experience to your incoming traffic with networking and games. 

Bring Your Unique Company Culture to Life.

And Make it Fun.

Keep the Party Going All-Year-Round

Use your venue throughout the year to deliver fresh, on-demand content.

Deliver a Personalized Event Experience

Match employees to content and each other using advanced artificial intelligence. 

Streamline Your Personnel Processes

Host training sessions, new employee onboarding, virtual office parties, and more in one online easily-accessible space. 

Events are in Our DNA

6Connex has 15+ years of event experience, and we want to share that with you.

Our event technology experts are ready to share our proven strategies, the latest tools and trends, examples, best practices, and more!

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Did we mention we have an app for that? Make that four!

Use our mobile event apps to manage, check-in, attend, and track real-time event data. It’s a winning combination for your events!

Curious about 6Connex?

6Connex is a web-based event technology platform which enables businesses to host virtual, hybrid or in-person job fairs, trade shows, conferences, summits, benefits fairs, eLearning programs, and more. The scalable HTML 5-based solution supports thousands of attendees connecting from any web-enabled device.

6Connex provides personalized immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person events ranging from sales & marketing conferences, continual education webinars and job fairs, supporting various industries and hosting hundreds of thousands of attendees worldwide

A virtual event is an event that happens completely online. This can involve live-streaming, webcasting, on-demand content, or 2D/3D immersive environment, giving attendees a way to communicate, interact, and engage with each other with no limitations on location or time. 

Where in-person and virtual co-exist. A hybrid event is when you have an in-person event and you add a virtual component giving you the ability to increase registrations and attendee engagement, extend the shelflife of your event, reduce your carbon footprint, and more. 

We sure do! Meet Eventory by 6Connex. Whether you’re hosting in-person events, virtual events, or a hybrid combination of the two, Eventory is a unified platform to help streamline event management, from start to finish. 

Apps? Yes! We have four mobile apps to help your event run smoothly, on the go:

  • Eventory: Attend events from everywhere at any time.
  • Eventory Operator: Running an event? Leave your laptop and stay ready for anything during your live event. Manage your event and publish surveys, polls and live Q&A.
  • Eventory Check-In: Equip your event staff and easily check-in your attendees and ticket holders across all devices, in any location.
  • Eventory Scanner: collect leads and track real-time data. All encrypted data in accordance with GDPR.

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