Meet Our Trio of Easy-To-Use
Mobile Event Apps

Manage events, engage attendees, and track real-time data easily with our three intuitive mobile event apps for you, your audience, and your sponsors. Our mobile event technology has everything you need for your virtual venue or in-person event!

Eventory gives you access to an event's details, schedules, other attendees, and much more.


Attend events from anywhere, at any time with Eventory Mobile

Eventory Operator gives event managers access to speakers, votings, and much more from their phone.

Eventory Operator

Leave your laptop behind and stay ready for anything during the live event with Eventory Operator

Eventory Scanner allows event managers to track attendees physical journey through the venue.

Eventory Scanner

Collect leads and track real-time data with Eventory Scanner

Eventory Mobile

The Eventory app is our event app software that allows your guests to attend and engage in events on the go. From creating a personal schedule to networking with peers and sponsors, events have never been more accessible.

  • Manage your event planning with tickets and registration in one place, no matter what type of event
  • Engage in real-time with questions, surveys, polls, and games
  • Network using direct messaging and video calls
  • Never miss a moment with personalized schedules and push notifications

Eventory Operator

Eventory Operator is a support app designed specifically for event organizers using the Eventory app, enabling you to easily access crucial information and an events management dashboard.

  • Preview events on-the-go
  • Manage event basics
  • Send push notifications
  • Publish surveys, polls, and live questions

Eventory Scanner

Eventory Scanner is a support application in the Eventory ecosystem that utilizes QR codes for event data collection. Designed exclusively for event organizers, partners, and exhibitors, all Eventory Scanner data is encrypted and in accordance with GDPR.

  • Generate leads for exhibitors
  • Measure attendee flow at venues
  • Scan attendees’ personal QR codes
  • Assign external staff

Need More than a Mobile Event App?

6Connex offers a hybrid event platform that unleashes the full potential of virtual event software and technology to extend your in-person event reach and deliver a memorable experience to remote or on-demand attendees. 

Our fully integrated virtual component leverages apps and registration data to make the event experience engaging and create an exceptional attendee experience.

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