6Connex Soar: A Complete Event Solution

6Connex Soar is our most advanced event solution. Empower your enterprise-level organization to host multiple virtual environments simultaneously, using five virtual venues at a time for different use cases. Plus our full set of in-person event management tools.

Unlock the full potential of our event solution with our most powerful product, Soar. Run multiple events at once, including an always-on virtual office space.

Simultaneously Run and Manage Multiple Events

Run multiple events simultaneously at scale from within a single event platform. Gain unprecedented automation and control over planning tasks and deploy a full suite of engagement tools to provide a better event experience. 

6Connex Soar is Best For:

Multiple Venues at a Time

Host corporate events for different use cases on the same day

Multiple Uses Over Time

Evolve your event strategy with a perpetually evolving virtual venue

The Ultimate Event Experience

Deliver the best holistic virtual or hybrid event experience

Soar All-In-One Event Platform Features

Immersive Gamification

Leaderboards, Surveys, Polls, Scavenger Hunts, and Much More

10 Premium AI Matchmaking
Live-day Services

Connect your attendees to each other in a smarter way, and with little to no effort

Perpetual Virtual Hub

Reimagine your office as a virtual venue to keep global teams connected, make benefits easy to access, and give internal events a spotlight

6connex virtual event launch interactivity features

Up to 5 Virtual Rooms Within the Virtual Environment

6connex launch virtual event security lock

Free Trial Available

laptop screen showing virtual event lounge

Up to 30 Sponsor Booths

6connex virtual event platform launch gamification features

Standard Gamification Features

people immersed in 6connex launch virtual venue 

Ready to Go with Hybrid Event Capabilities

6Connex is Trusted by Top Organizations Worldwide

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Empower your organization to connect with your employees in a custom, perpetual virtual hub. Easily host multiple unique events a year, concurrently. Any format, any size, no limits.

5 custom Event Subdomains for Your Venues

Advanced Gamification Features

Ready to Go with Hybrid Event Capabilities

Scavenger Hunt Functionality

10 Live-Day Premium AI Matchmaking Services Included