6Connex Hybrid Events Platform: Where IRL Meets URL

6Connex event technology was purpose-built to help you seamlessly blend in-person and virtual event experiences to achieve event marketing leadership.

Samples of our beautiful 6Connex immersive event venues, including examples from customer such as BambooHR and NASAInpersonEvent

A Hybrid Event Platform to Create Custom Event Experiences

With easy-to-use features and a broad array of supporting apps, you can produce unique, highly interactive hybrid events that power continuous attendee engagement and achieve unprecedented results. 

Expand and Connect your Audience with a Hybrid Event Platform

Increase Registrations

Eliminate traditional attendance constraints and bring virtual and in-person audiences together using a single event solution

Improve Attendee Engagement

Choose from a vast menu of features and apps designed to supercharge event engagement.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Scale your events without increasing the carbon costs of travel, shipping, printing, and waste. 

Expand Sponsorship Opportunities

Onboard an unlimited number of event sponsors without increasing event complexity. 

Future-proof your Events

Ensure your events can take place regardless of unexpected disruptions such as travel or weather.

Remove Geographic Boundaries

Eliminate constraints such as location, language, and timeline, and attract and engage attendees worldwide.

Personalize Event Agendas

Leverage registration, interest, and behavior data to make real-time activity and networking suggestions that resonate with attendees.

Create Long-Term Revenue Streams

Leverage your virtual event environment as an evergreen marketing tool to continuously generate leads.

Optimize Event Marketing

Create a fully branded, multi-use hybrid event space that is accessible 365 days a year from any location worldwide.

Create Data-Driven Events

Easily access real-time event data metrics and reporting to optimize event performance and deliver higher returns.

Ready, Set, ENGAGE!

Bring your attendee engagement to the next level with the One Chance Media Engagement Bundles for Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person events. One Chance Media provides innovative and engaging experiences that create unforgettable moments during your event. Captivate your audience through photobooths, gamification, mosaics, and more. 6Connex and One Chance Media are here to help you find the right bundle and make your next event unforgettable. 

Hybrid Package

You CAN have it all! Engage your in-person and your virtual audience all with one premier package. Here’s what to expect with the Hybrid bundle:

Say Cheese:

A custom photo booth that includes 3 backgrounds, 6 stickers, a personalized email, a photo mosaic, and up to 2000 photos for each of your virtual and in-person audience.

Game On:

Choose from the library of arcade games or have your audience try their luck at a Spin-to-Win. You’ll be provided the ipads, stands, a live leaderboard, up to 2000 online plays for your virtual audience, and up to 2000 plays for your in-person audience.

Ready to Engage?

Hybrid Events Made Simple

With 6Connex, you don’t have to choose between an off-the-shelf or a fully customizable solution – our event technology platform is both! Let us turn your event plans into reality. Schedule a consultation today.