6Connex Hybrid Events Platform:
Where IRL Meets URL

In-Person Event? Virtual Event? How about a little of both?

With 6Connex Hybrid Event Software, you don’t have to choose because you can have it all. Our platform helps you give your in-person and virtual audience the same engaging experience.

6Connex helps you create a sophisticated hybrid event production with a simple event technology platform. You can do it all under one roof with 6Connex: Marketing, Registration, Webcasting, 1:1 Meetings, Networking, Audience Engagement, and more! 

Laptop displaying hybrid functionality of our 6Connex platform

Expand Audience Connection with A Hybrid Event Platform

Increase Registrations and Engagement

Hybrid events allow you to increase your reach and gain more attendees, not fewer. Hybrid events allow your audience more flexibility and choice in participating in your event.

Attendee Experiences That Keep On Going

With a hybrid event production, your audience has the benefit of engaging with the content days or even weeks after the event is over. Take advantage of your event sessions and recycle them into new content to keep your audience coming back.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Less travel, shipping, printing, and overall waste means you save on carbon emissions. A hybrid event platform will position you to be an eco-friendly organization.

Expand Sponsorship Opportunities

Double the audience means double the exposure. Offering a hybrid event will increase the value of your event to your sponsors.

A Hybrid Event Platform to Create Custom Event Experiences

Increase engagement and decrease event planning headaches. 6Connex Event Technology helps you create the right balance between physical and virtual events. Our hybrid event platform comes equipped with a full suite of supporting apps and hands-on support from the 6Connex team.
In-Person event audience interacts with surveys, polls, and presentation via phones

Remain Flexible

A Hybrid Event Platform allows you to adjust your plans regardless of the next global phenomenon.

Network Across the Globe

What’s a time zone? Network and meet with attendees from anywhere in the world.

Content Catered to the Individual

Create a unique experience for each attendee by offering AI-powered content suggestions.

Make it A Year-Round Lead Generator

Easily repurpose and reshare digital content to keep a steady stream flowing to your audience. Fuel your pipeline by using event metrics to drive new campaigns.

An ROI Everyone Can Agree With

If greater reach = more attendees, and more sponsors = increased value for your event…you do the math!

Create Data-Driven Events

Know the participation numbers, how they engaged, when they joined the session, and who they connected with. These trackable metrics help to improve your future content and events.

Ready, Set, ENGAGE!

Bring your attendee engagement to the next level with the One Chance Media Engagement Bundles for Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person events. One Chance Media provides innovative and engaging experiences that create unforgettable moments during your event. Captivate your audience through photobooths, gamification, mosaics, and more. 6Connex and One Chance Media are here to help you find the right bundle and make your next event unforgettable. 

Hybrid Package

You CAN have it all! Engage your in-person and your virtual audience all with one premier package. Here’s what to expect with the Hybrid bundle:

Say Cheese:

A custom photo booth that includes 3 backgrounds, 6 stickers, a personalized email, a photo mosaic, and up to 2000 photos for each of your virtual and in-person audience.

Game On:

Choose from the library of arcade games or have your audience try their luck at a Spin-to-Win. You’ll be provided the ipads, stands, a live leaderboard, up to 2000 online plays for your virtual audience, and up to 2000 plays for your in-person audience.

Ready to Engage?

Adam Rosen headshot, Associate Vice President, Cultural Relations and University Events at USC

“Our goal was to create a virtual campus environment where people who are unable to attend can easily feel that they are here. With the support of 6Connex hybrid event platform, we're able to design a smorgasbord of activities to help create an experience that makes everyone, both in-person and virtual, feel like they are part of the event.”

-- Adam Rosen, Associate Vice President, Cultural Relations and University Events at USC

Hybrid Events Made Simple

With 6Connex, you don’t have to choose between easy-to-use and fully customizable – our event technology platform is both! Let us turn your event dreams into reality. Schedule a consultation today.