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Meet Your Event Attendees Anywhere

As we shift back into what we once knew as “normalcy," some things will remain unchanged — like the way in which the workplace operates. Whether you choose to remain fully remote, resume work from the office full-time, or meet somewhere in between, the 6Connex hybrid event software solution is what you need to navigate in a post-pandemic world. Where in-person and virtual co-exist. 6Connex introduces to you a hybrid event and venue platform in which you can maintain and improve connection, collaboration, engagement, and more. Create immersive experiences and take your events to the next level with a hybrid event solution catered to your business needs.

Why Hybrid Events Are Living Up to the Hype

Increased Registrations and Attendee Engagement
Increased Registrations and Attendee Engagement
Personalized Attendee Experiences and Behavior Insights
Personalized Attendee Experiences and Behavior Insights
Expanded Sponsorship Opportunities
Expanded Sponsorship Opportunities
Environmentally Sustainable — Reduced Carbon Emissions
Environmentally Sustainable — Reduced Carbon Emissions

Embark On a Digital Transformation and Craft Your Competitive Advantage

Changing the way you do business can sometimes feel like you're taking a leap of faith, albeit a necessary one, if you want to avoid being outflanked by your competitors. Adding a virtual component to your physical events will give you that competitive edge you need to thrive in the digital world we now live in. It’s all about convenience, connection, and flexibility. Work smarter, not harder.

Demand Generation<br>and Sales
Demand Generation
and Sales

Build and nurture quality leads, and create long-term customer relationships with a new strategy.

Education<br>and Training
and Training

Empower your team with unlimited access to live and on-demand training, webinars, events, and more.

Networking and Communication
Networking and Communication

Share ideas, build relationships, and advance in your industry by providing valuable connections and inclusive opportunities.

Customer Service and Experience
Customer Service and Experience

Take your CX to the next level by providing data-driven experiences and enriched interactions in a secure space.

PR, Media, and Entertainment
PR, Media, and Entertainment

The show must go on. Curate the guest list, plan the decor, and bring your event to life, fully managed. Come one come all.

Philanthropy and Fundraising
Philanthropy and Fundraising

Accelerate your non-profit organization’s fundraising and donor engagement efforts in a supportive virtual platform.

“Our goal was to create a virtual campus environment where people who are unable to attend can easily feel that they are here. With the support of 6Connex hybrid event platform, we're able to design a smorgasbord of activities to help create an experience that makes everyone, both in-person and virtual, feel like they are part of the event.”

-- Adam Rosen, Associate Vice President, Cultural Relations and University Events at USC

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Put on Hybrid Events Like It's 2099!

You don’t have to choose between virtual or in-person for your organization’s next event. Get the best of both worlds with our hybrid events solution.

Hybrid and Virtual Events

Increase event registrations by providing a way for attendees to engage, even when they are not able to attend your event in-person.

Extend the shelf life of your event and allow your attendees to consume your content before, during, and after the event.

Reduce your carbon footprint with less waste and travel by attendees, staff, and vendors.

Provide new exposure opportunities for sponsors to get in front of your audience to increase sponsorship value.


In-Person Events

Attendance may be limited due to geography, travel costs, and/or COVID-19 restrictions.

Content engagement is limited.

Event production often requires expensive equipment, supplies, and many personnel.

Sponsorship opportunities are limited by budgets & availability.


Real Service, From Real People You Can Count On

Our team of virtual and hybrid event experts will help transform your vision into reality with fully-customized virtual venues, packed with configurable features to help drive the ultimate ROI for your enterprise business.