Webinars Made Simple

We know how hectic it can be to run a successful webinar, but with 6Connex, it’s simple – no complex training, no plugins, no extensions, no hassle. Everything you need to deliver a successful webinar in one tool! 

  • Live streaming, pre-recorded presentations, and on-demand webinars
  • Engagement features (quizzes, surveys, chats, Q&As, panel discussion)
  • Customization to fit your brand
  • Unlimited attendees
Smash the pain points away with our webinars packages

From DIY to White Glove - Webinar Hosting Built for You

Choose the webinar software that best meets your needs, and offers your participants a customized user experience that highlights your brand. Whether you’re a webcasting pro or need an expert team to help manage the process, we have you covered as your all-in-one webinar solution.

Unlimited Engagement with Our Webinar Platform

Drive real-time collaboration and engagement with your audience via live video, translations, chats, and Q&A sessions, or a skilled moderator to facilitate the event. Run an online webinar or on-site through our production studios with multi-camera and audio recording tools.

Give your audience what it demands with On-Demand, archived webinars

Let your On-Demand Content Shine

Utilize your on-demand webinar tools to the fullest and engage your audience no matter the time or location with a recorded webinar. Let us make the most of your presentations with professional video editing and custom animated graphics to take your on-demand content to the next level.

A Fully Loaded Webinar Platform that Engages Audiences and Delivers Results

Single Webinar
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Contact Us
Contact Us
Single Webcast
Up to 10 Webcasts
Up to 20 Webcasts
Up to 30 Webcasts
All Webinar Tiers Include:
Ability to use polls, screen share, surveys, video clips
Configuration of up to 20 active webcams, displayed in panel view within the webinar console
Live Monitoring/Live Tech Support (up to 90 mins/Webcast)
Up to 90 min duration
Set-up & Configuration
1000 attendees/webcast
12 months hosting/webcast
1 MP4 file/Webcast

Ready to take your webinars to a whole new level?

Step Up Your Webinars with 6Connex Video Production Services

In-Person production services include lights, cameras, and studios


  • Live On-Location Services
  • Multi-Camera Live Studios
  • Production Management
Virtual production services helps with webcam, microphone, and audio setup


  • Virtual Studio Control Room
  • Webcam Recording & Editing
  • Audio Recording Services
Post-production software and editing can improve your webinar recording volumes


  • Professional video editing includes: Intros & Outros, Navigation & Instruction Videos
  • Custom graphics includes: Logo Animations, Lower Third Graphics, On-Screen Animated Text & Icons

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