The Way to Do Virtual: A Virtual Event Experience

“The Way to Do Virtual” is a 6Connex virtual environment, where you can get first-hand  virtual experience of our virtual and hybrid event platform. This perpetual virtual venue shows the many different components we deliver. Take a tour and learn how you can incorporate the features we have to offer into your very own 6Connex venue to get the full virtual event experience.

Join Us On the 6Connex Journey of Virtual Events Experience

While you explore our virtual airport venue, earn points as you find hidden passports, and complete various activities in each room. As you journey through the terminals, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and hear more about our customer virtual experiences. You also have the capability of instantly requesting an in-depth demo from a 6Connex flight attendant by using our badge swipe feature.

6connex virtual event platform launch gamification features
6Connex Way to Do Virtual - A world of engagement

A World of Customizable Features at Your Fingertips

Cultivate employee engagement and relationships by offering a flexible, immersive, functional, and fun virtual experience through our virtual environment. Connect with each other globally in a secure digital space, keeping your company culture alive and thriving. Built with you in mind, the new Way to Do Virtual environment has a gift shop, webinar theatre, VIP lounge, greenhouse, and more! There’s no limit to the virtual experience and what you can do within our virtual and hybrid event platform.

Embark On a Tour Around the 6Connex Virtual Environment

Explore solutions and use cases
Complete tasks and activities
Learn about our commitment to sustainability
Get personal with AI Matchmaking, Meeting Scheduling, and MyAgenda
Dive deeper into our integration capabilities and our partners
Engage and earn reward points
View on-demand recordings of current and past webinars and other presentations

Take our virtual event experience for a quick spin...

Every 6Connex virtual venue and environment has a creative, ambitious, dedicated, and fun team behind it – and your event is no different. In the same way that our amazing team has built the 6Connex Way to Do Virtual, we can build a beautiful virtual environment to make a beautiful virtual experience for you and your attendee needs.