The Way to Do Virtual: A Virtual Event Experience

Quest is a 6Connex virtual environment where you can get first-hand experience with our virtual, hybrid, and in-person event technology. In our perpetual virtual venue, discover why 6Connex is the industry-leading event technology, offering solutions that support events of all sizes around the globe. Take a tour and learn how you can customize and curate a captivating experience for all your future events. 

Your Quest, Our Immersive Virtual Environment Technology

Take a self-guided tour and immerse yourself in the 6Connex platform at your own pace. We want to inspire you to create the best, most engaging experience for you and your audience. Looking for a co-pilot? Our team of event experts is available to join your Quest and answer any questions you may have! 

Quest-AltContent1B6Connex Quest allows you to experience all of the features offered by our platform and the open universe of partners.

A World of Customizable Features at Your Fingertips

Explore the universe of event possibilities to create custom experiences and unforgettable events. See what your industry peers have created, get inspiration for your next event, and browse our library of custom immersive designs to see how you can take engagement and networking to a new level.

Embark On a Quest through a 6Connex Virtual Environment

Take our virtual event experience for a quick spin...

Every 6Connex virtual venue and environment has a creative, ambitious, dedicated, and fun team behind it – and your event is no different. In the same way that our amazing team has built the 6Connex Quest, we can build a beautiful virtual environment to make a beautiful virtual experience for you and your attendee's needs.