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Producing events can be challenging, but when you partner with 6Connex, you ensure that a team of highly experienced event professionals will help you achieve your goals. Find the right package for you below and impress your attendees with the best event technology available.

Single Events


For organizations hosting a single event in any format.


For organizations hosting a single event in any format.

Includes all functionalities of CORE, plus:



For organizations hosting unlimited events in any format, with unlimited registrants and attendees.

Hear Why Our Customers Love Us

Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
The 6Connex platform is the best I've seen and gives our virtual events the 'wow' factor we're looking for.
Laura Stringham
Senior Director, Marketing & Events
UBM Logo
The 6Connex virtual event platform has helped us offer our customers new ways to engage with various audiences… We love both the flexibility of the platform and the program strategy & support from the entire team.
Heather Haslinger
Senior Director, Program Management and Operational Excellence
AHEAD logo
The conversations and sense of community surpassed anything we imagined, and the data we gleaned about our attendees and their interests was unprecedented.
Stephen Ayoub
AHEAD President
World Leading Schools Association Logo
Moving forward having a hybrid option ensures we can increase engagement. The 6Connex platform has all the features we need in one place plus it appeared to be only option for seamless work in China.
Charlie Jenkinson
Chief Strategy Officer

Gear Up With Customized Support and Services

We’re here to help you produce all of your events, venues, and webinars. Our services and support allow you and your team to be as hands-on, or as hands-off, as you’d like.

  • Dedicated Event Success Specialist
  • Structured onboarding plan with live and asynchronous learning
  • Pre- and post-event success calls
  • Immediate call-back support
  • Access to 24/7 support team
  • Enterprise-grade compliance with SOCII, ISO27001, GDPR, CCPA, and ADA standards

Unpacking Our Event Technology

Matches your attendees with each other based on their profile data and user activity.

Suggests your event content, such as PDF’s, videos, webcasts, and more; to your attendees based on their profile data and user activity.

Allow your attendees to schedule meetings with booth representatives, other attendees or members of groups.

Attendees add any event content or sessions they like, and launch content, activities and meetings directly from the Agenda.

Plus Much More:

Attendees, booth reps, and anyone else in your event can chat 1:1. For added chat functionality, moderated chats can be placed as content anywhere.

Pre-populate each attendee with your event content, from PDFs to videos.

Enable 1-1 video chat between attendees, attendees and booth reps, or both.

Networking functionality to sort and search attendee profiles based on information given. Event organizers can decide what data should be available.

Attendees can share any event content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email without leaving your event.

Set up one or more public chats so all attendees can interact with one another right in your virtual room or webinar.

Assign representatives to virtual rooms to interact with attendees in the environment.

Create Surveys and Quizzes and set them to appear along with content, when the users enter or leave a room or when they logout.

Prompt attendees with a poll at an in-person event via our Eventory app or virtually in the online event space.

Upload introduction video which pops up automatically upon first visit.

Send reminders, alerts, or updates as push notifications to attendees via the in-person event app, or as an instant popup in the virtual environment.

Attendees can react during a live session with fun, animated emojis.


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How To Make Your Hybrid Event More Sustainable

Know More About Us

6Connex is a web-based event technology platform which enables businesses to host virtual, hybrid or in-person job fairs, trade shows, conferences, summits, benefits fairs, eLearning programs, and more. The scalable HTML 5-based solution supports thousands of attendees connecting from any web-enabled device.

6Connex provides personalized immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person events ranging from sales & marketing conferences, continual education webinars and job fairs, supporting various industries and hosting hundreds of thousands of attendees worldwide

A virtual event is an event that happens completely online. This can involve live-streaming, webcasting, on-demand content, or 2D/3D immersive environment, giving attendees a way to communicate, interact, and engage with each other with no limitations on location or time. 

Where in-person and virtual co-exist. A hybrid event is when you have an in-person event and you add a virtual component giving you the ability to increase registrations and attendee engagement, extend the shelflife of your event, reduce your carbon footprint, and more. 

We sure do! Meet Eventory by 6Connex. Whether you’re hosting in-person events, virtual events, or a hybrid combination of the two, Eventory is a unified platform to help streamline event management, from start to finish. 

Apps? Yes! We have four mobile apps to help your event run smoothly, on the go:

  • Eventory: Attend events from everywhere at any time.
  • Eventory Operator: Running an event? Leave your laptop and stay ready for anything during your live event. Manage your event and publish surveys, polls and live Q&A.
  • Eventory Check-In: Equip your event staff and easily check-in your attendees and ticket holders across all devices, in any location.
  • Eventory Scanner: collect leads and track real-time data. All encrypted data in accordance with GDPR.

Ready to Explore a New World of Events?

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In-Person Event Management

In-Person Event Apps


Simple Registration Builder

Discount Management

Event Promotion Tools

Video & Webcasting

Multi-Language Support

Reporting & Analytics

Platform Training

Multiple Events

Concurrent Events

Immersive Virtual Venue

3D Venue Templates

AI Content Hub

1:1 Video Chat

Video Meetings

AI Matchmaking

Virtual Attendee Journey Tracking

Upload Content to Venue

Open Universe Integrations

Engagement Experiences


1 Year-Round Virtual Venue

5 Year-Round Virtual Venues