6Connex’s Sustainability Mission to Shape a Greener Future

6Connex is committed to identifying opportunities to lead sustainability efforts through foundational and innovative programs

We are committed to doing our part to lead out in sustainability efforts. Not only are we a fully remote company lowering the environmental impact of the daily commute, but our platform makes it possible for organizations across the globe to lower their carbon footprint. I am proud to lead the industry in this innovative program.

– Ruben Castaño, CEO of 6Connex

At 6Connex, we’re committed to identifying opportunities to lead to sustainability efforts through foundational and innovative programs, and sharing information about the credible carbon emissions that have been avoided as a result of hosting events on the 6Connex virtual venue platform, in lieu of hosting in-person events.

Sustainability is in our roots.

In an effort to identify and measure the positive impact of the 6Connex sustainability efforts, we’ve partnered with WSP, an International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) ISO 14001 certified earth and environmental science firm,
focused on sustainable business practices to estimate carbon emissions avoided from hosting events on the 6Connex virtual environment platform.

See the results from this partnership in our report:

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More than just data

More than just data

“We are always excited when companies come to us to help launch their sustainability programs. Witnessing organizations take on the responsibility of climate action never fails to leave us inspired. 6Connex is one of these inspiring organizations. 6Connex’s technology enables companies to make impactful strides towards sustainability. We are proud to be supporting 6Connex to assess their carbon footprint and we are honored to be a part of the journey they are trailblazing in the virtual technology space.”

– WSP USA Inc.

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Our passion for practicing sustainability is rooted deep

Sustainability helps to improve the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem, and preserves natural resources for generations to come. – Luiz Martins, CMO of 6Connex

“I was taught about the importance of sustainability from a young age, and that everything you do to help, as small as it may seem at the time, has its impact. I carry this lesson from one role to the next, and I have tried to help all the companies where I’ve held roles prioritize the preservation and care for the environment. While some of my initiatives have been more successful than others, joining 6Connex early in 2020 marked the first time my passion was reflected in the company product. 6Connex’s virtual environment platform promotes a sustainable future by significantly reducing CO2 emissions for thousands of companies worldwide. It’s a core value proposition of our business, and it’s comforting to know our impact on the environment is independent from budgets, strategies, or any other business dynamics that commonly impact well-intentioned projects.”

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Shaping a Greener Future: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Virtual Events

Learn how 6Connex’s virtual venue products are uniquely positioned to make a positive environmental impact. We are shaping a greener future and invite our coworkers, clients, and family members to join us in our mission to make our planet better than we found it. Join us as we dive into our sustainability report, methodology, and ultimate impact of offsetting carbon emissions by hosting events on the 6Connex platform.