Virtual Event Platform and Venue for All Your Event Needs

The 6Connex virtual venue platform expands your business beyond the physical space, and far beyond just video conferencing.

Our virtual event platform enables you to curate captivating virtual venues for online programs, conferences, trade shows, job fairs, fundraisers, and other events that connect people worldwide. It’s much more than just a single, one-off event – it’s your new strategy you won’t know how to live without.

79 %
of virtual event planners use social media as an engagement tool before the event
50 %
of event attendees say the 6Connex platform is easy to understand and navigate
42 %
of marketers use videos as an interactive element to improve engagement levels
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Turn Your Big Ideas Into Engaging Virtual Reality

Together we can reach new prospects, build your brand, engage a global audience, drive sales, and more.

The choice isn’t between in-person, virtual, or hybrid events — it’s between which solution offers the features and engagement tools that you need to build a successful virtual venue.

vir·tu·al ven·ue

/ˈvərCH(o͞o)əl venˌyo͞o/

A place — not physically existing, but created within a virtual event platform —
where an experience happens, such as a conference, trade show, convention, or meeting, especially to generate revenue, forge connections, and deliver information.

Virtual Venues for All Types of Industries and Use Cases

Virtual Venues for All Types of Industries and Use Cases

Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Host your annual sales kickoff meetings in a virtual environment and reduce costs by up to a factor of 20, and connect directly with customers for all other in-depth marketing and sales interactions.

Event Planning and Services

Event Planning and Services

Create your perfect virtual or hybrid trade shows, conventions, networking events, happy hours, holiday parties, client meetings, live games, competitions, comedy shows, and so much more. 6Connex seamlessly integrates with event organizers organizations and agencies in any industry.

HR, Recruitment, Benefits, and Job Fairs

HR, Recruitment, Benefits, and Job Fairs

Leverage a virtual environment to deliver a positive first impression with new employees and keep them up to date with their benefits programs too.

Education and Training

Education and Training

Invite a global student body, along with their friends and family, to celebrate graduations, award ceremonies, and other academic achievements in a reliable and secure virtual environment. Or leverage a virtual venue for extending education, training employees, access to courses, workshops, and more.

Media, Entertainment, and PR

Media, Entertainment, and PR

Focus on the future of media and entertainment. Provide exclusive access to VIP members and season ticket holders, present virtual conversations that span private screenings of upcoming projects in film and TV, Q&As with creators and talent, and relevant B2B discussions with industry thought leaders.

Charities and Fundraisers

Charities and Fundraisers

Gone are the days of cancelling, postponing, or rethinking the fundraising or charity event that your organization depends on. Leverage a virtual venue that’s easy to launch and designed to help you succeed.

Customer Experience and Support

Customer Experience and Support

Shape the future of customer relationships. Recognize your top clients or sales prospects and transform your customer care strategy within an engaging virtual venue catered specifically to sharing customer service tips, support best practices, customer journey roadmap ideas, and more.

Remote Workforce

Remote Workforce

Leverage an online office that enables innovation, increases engagement, and builds trust amongst team members, no matter where they are in the world.

Next Generation, Innovation, and Ingenuity

Design the ultimate digital experience within your very own customizable virtual environment to drive lead generation, promote industry thought leadership, connect with peers and customers, discover valuable insight, and more!
Flexible, personalized, real-time, and scalable platform designed with versionable, event-driven, AI, and serveless technologies

Flexible, personalized, real-time, and scalable platform designed with versionable, event-driven, AI, and serveless technologies

preconfigured virtual venue icon

Pre-configured virtual venue templates available for fast delivery

custom build virtual venue icon

Fully-customizable designs for virtual rooms and branded sponsor booth experiences

hybrid virtual venue icon

Compatible virtual event platform for fully-remote events and hybrid events alike

Ready, Set, ENGAGE!

Bring your attendee engagement to the next level with the One Chance Media Engagement Bundles for Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person events. One Chance Media provides innovative and engaging experiences that create unforgettable moments during your event. Captivate your audience through photobooths, gamification, mosaics, and more. 6Connex and One Chance Media are here to help you find the right bundle and make your next event unforgettable. 

Virtual Package

Are you ready to take your virtual event to the next level? Make a lasting impression with your online audience through activities custom-fit to your event. Here’s what to expect with the Virtual bundle:

Say Cheese:

A custom photo booth that includes 3 backgrounds, 6 stickers, a personalized email, up to 2000 photos, and a photo mosaic.

Game On:

Choose from the library of arcade games or have your audience try their luck at a Spin-to-Win. You’ll be provided a live leaderboard, up to 2000 online plays for your virtual audience.

Ready to Engage?

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