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Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
The 6Connex platform is the best I've seen and gives our virtual events the 'wow' factor we're looking for.
Laura Stringham
Senior Director, Marketing & Events
UBM Logo
The 6Connex virtual event platform has helped us offer our customers new ways to engage with various audiences… We love both the flexibility of the platform and the program strategy & support from the entire team.
Heather Haslinger
Senior Director, Program Management and Operational Excellence
AHEAD logo
The conversations and sense of community surpassed anything we imagined, and the data we gleaned about our attendees and their interests was unprecedented.
Stephen Ayoub
AHEAD President
World Leading Schools Association Logo
Moving forward having a hybrid option ensures we can increase engagement. The 6Connex platform has all the features we need in one place plus it appeared to be only option for seamless work in China.
Charlie Jenkinson
Chief Strategy Officer
FMC Dentistry logo
The wide array of features of 6Connex let it deliver everything you could need for your virtual event, mixed with their API functionality and extensive help center the platform can provide whatever you need of online events.
Laurie Glover
Marketing Director
Diversified Logo
6Connex is a platform that has allowed our clients to bridge the hybrid gap while COVID is destroying industries that don't adapt. You have the ability to customize the site and design it as your own.
Alex Wojcik
Technical Production Manager
skills consulting group logo
6Connex is visually amazing, massively user-friendly, and their team excels at listening to their customers and making improvements to meet their needs. I would recommend 6Connex to anyone and everyone running virtual events. We have had SO much great feedback about the events we run from attendees.
Samantha McGinn
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Conferences for Women Logo
The platform is reliable and useable by anyone, anywhere.
Sarah Shulman
Operations Director
IB Consultancy Logo
Even when we’re able to host events in-person, we will be using 6Connex as a hybrid platform in the future to keep our community engaged and connected with one another.
Ophélie Guillouet-Lamy
glassdoor logo green
Throughout it all, people were blown away by the environment, the branding, the colors, and the rooms. The event’s professional aesthetic was a big hit, and we received nothing but positive feedback from the attendees as well as the management team.
Brittany Manopello
Director of Sales Enablement
4.0 Schools logo
One of the most appealing features was the booth functionality, while virtual events typically have sponsor booths, we utilized the booth function as more of a ‘meeting room’ type of space, where attendees could grab some time to speak with the coaches, who were assigned as the ‘booth reps’.
Keaton Wadzinski
eLearning Coordinator
USO logo
The team was fantastic. I gave them ideas for how we wanted the event to feel, and they delivered ten-fold. We wanted the Summit to feel inviting and safe to encourage engagement and networking. And it was! The colors, the imagery, and the ease with which audience members were able to register and navigate the site achieved our goals.
Molly Giles
Transition Lead Southeast Region

Custom and Comprehensive Virtual Event Demo, Focused on Your Specific Business Needs

Take a look at the wide-ranging and impactful solutions 6Connex can offer you. Hear more about our capabilities, scalability, and integrations, while simultaneously getting answers to all of your unique questions. Get down to the nitty-gritty and learn how 6Connex can serve you and help you achieve your event goals.

In your free virtual event demo, we’ll go over:

A walk-through of sample 6Connex environments
A brainstorming session around how we can personalize your environments to reinforce your brand and unique visions
How you can integrate your event tech with your existing tech stack
The tools that encourage engagement and fun, such as gamification, networking components, and bolt-on services for employee recognition
AI Matchmaking and how to create a more personalized experience for your attendees
How attendees can manage their schedules through MyAgenda and Meeting Scheduling
How to extract key analytics and data on attendee behavior to help you continue the conversation with your guests
Solutions for how to strategically manage your next event or series of events
On-demand features
Any and all of your questions

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