6Connex Rise: A Full Suite of Event Software, for Any Format

6Connex Rise is our custom event platform solution designed to cater to custom use cases. Rise allows you to bring your biggest and best ideas to life within an event of any format. 

Receive our full event platform to help host, manage, and track unlimited events year round, any format.

No Matter Your Use Case or Event Type, Rise to the Challenge

Invest in an open, flexible event platform to transform your events calendar into an ongoing revenue driver. Revolutionize the way you work and scale each event faster while offering attendees engaging, personalized event experiences. 

6Connex Rise is Best For:

Custom Builds

Virtual or hybrid events and venues that require enhanced customization

Multiple Events

Organizations looking to host multiple events (nonconcurrent) per year


Agencies planning and executing events on behalf of their clients

Rise Virtual and Hybrid Platform Features

Infinite Virtual Rooms

Auditoriums, Booths, Exhibit Halls, and Much More!

Unlimited Attendees

Market your event without worry, the more attendees the better!

Platform Training

In-depth sessions to help you maximize your event's potential.

6connex virtual event launch interactivity features

Up to 5 Virtual Rooms Within the Virtual Environment

6connex launch virtual event security lock

Free Trial Available

laptop screen showing virtual event lounge

Up to 30 Sponsor Booths

6connex virtual event platform launch gamification features

Standard Gamification Features

people immersed in 6connex launch virtual venue 

Ready to Go with Hybrid Event Capabilities

6Connex is Trusted by Top Organizations Worldwide

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Leverage a fully-customizable, integratable virtual environment to take your events and venue spaces to the next level, with the added functionalities of our easy to use in-person event management. 

6Connex Rise can have unlimited attendees in your virtual environment

Unlimited Attendees

Up to 5 Virtual Rooms within the Virtual Environment

Ready to Go with Hybrid Event Capabilities

Public Chat Rooms

Full Platform Training Sessions with Your 6C Event Planner