6Connex Launch: Simplify Your Events

6Connex Launch is our single event solution that fits any budget, and it is easy to use and fast to deploy. Launch lets you create events quickly, no matter the format. 

Choose from either a stunning single use virtual environment, or a single managed event on our Eventory platform

Ready to use for any Event Type, Balancing Speed-to-Delivery and Ease-of-Use

Use out-of-the-box event management technology to host your next event seamlessly. Automate event planning tasks, integrate with event apps, and curate attendee data in an easy, self-service solution. 

6Connex Launch is Best For:

Reduced Guest Lists

Organizations hosting 1,000 attendees or less

Limited Budgets

Companies seeking a cost-effective way to engage virtual attendees

Quick Timelines

Teams who need to create events with a compressed timeline

Launch Virtual and Hybrid Platform Features

Ticketing and Registration

Manage tickets, orders, discounts, and check-ins all in one dashboard

Templated Virtual Venue Sets

Virtual Auditoriums, Booths, Exhibit Halls; all ready to go with a click

A Full Suite of Mobile Apps

An app each for attendees, staff, sponsors, and organizers.

6connex virtual event launch interactivity features

Up to 5 Virtual Rooms Within the Virtual Environment

6connex launch virtual event security lock

Free Trial Available

laptop screen showing virtual event lounge

Up to 30 Sponsor Booths

6connex virtual event platform launch gamification features

Standard Gamification Features

people immersed in 6connex launch virtual venue 

Ready to Go with Hybrid Event Capabilities

6Connex is Trusted by Top Organizations Worldwide

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Design a 2D event experience or an immersive virtual environment with our event technology platform to deliver an in-person, hybrid or virtual event that will engage audiences.