6Connex Platform and Product Features

All the tools you need to create attendee-centric experiences for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events in a user-friendly event platform.

90% of event attendees say the 6Connex platform is easy to understand and navigate.

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Perpetual Virtual Venues

Your desk, conference room, and water cooler, all in one. Leverage long-term virtual venue licenses to support company objectives and repurpose your environment for multiple use cases in a single location.

Engagement Tools

Guests and attendees can easily interact with one another by utilizing advanced engagement tools, such as 1:1 chat, video chat, gamification, social sharing, and webcasting. 6Connex sophisticated AI technology allows for a unique, personalized digital experience with content-matching and networking opportunities.
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Hybrid Events

Where in-person and virtual co-exist. 6Connex event software is hybrid-ready, you can maintain and improve connection, collaboration, engagement, and more, whether you choose to remain fully remote, resume work from the office full-time, or meet somewhere in between.

Enterprise-Level Security

As the virtual event industry leader in security and privacy, many of the world’s most admired companies have put their trust in our security and privacy protocols. We comply with the most stringent enterprise security requirements with features including allowlisting, blocklisting, and secure cookie handling.
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Open Universe for Integrations

Our virtual conference platform allows you to incorporate the tools you use on a day to day basis to captivate your attendees. With flexibility, choice, and integrations galore, you can unlock deeper engagement and create greater opportunities within your virtual environment.

Reporting, Analytics, and Actionable Insights

Track activity and ROI with 24/7 access to 35+ real-time reports. Understand the Who, What, Where, and When for every activity in your virtual environment. Provide your sponsors with actionable data that allows them to target campaigns accurately.
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Not All Virtual Venues Are Built Equal

Unlock the full potential of the virtual conference platform and virtual venue ecosystem with features intelligently designed to drive attendee engagement and connection worldwide.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Leverage the power of a fully-customizable virtual environment, packed with configurable features and open universe integrations to help bring savings, sustainability, and greater ROI. Your next event is waiting.