6Connex Event Technology Products

Enhance your attendee experience with our event technology products catered to the specific needs of your organization. 6Connex event management technology simplifies the hard work of event planning so you can focus on understanding, engaging, and delighting your attendees. 

Creating an Engaging Experience Just Got Easier

Spend less time on manual event planning tasks and more time creating attendee connections and conversations using a single, unified event platform for every event.

Use out-of-the-box event management technology to host your next event seamlessly. Automate event planning tasks, integrate with event apps, and curate attendee data in an easy, self-service solution. 

Invest in an open, flexible event platform to transform your events calendar into an ongoing revenue driver. Revolutionize the way you work and scale each event faster while offering attendees engaging, personalized event experiences. 

All Launch Features, Plus:

Run multiple events simultaneously at scale from within a single event platform. Gain unprecedented automation and control over planning tasks and deploy a full suite of engagement tools to provide a better event experience. 

All Rise Features, Plus:

A Fully Loaded Webinar Platform that Engages Audiences and Delivers Results

6Connex for In-Person Events

6Connex for Hybrid Events

6Connex for Virtual Events

Unpacking Our Event Technology

Matches your attendees with each other based on their profile data and user activity.

Suggests your event content, such as PDF’s, videos, webcasts, and more; to your attendees based on their profile data and user activity.

Allow your attendees to schedule meetings with booth representatives, other attendees or members of groups.

Attendees add any event content or sessions they like, and launch content, activities and meetings directly from the Agenda.

Plus Much More:

Gear Up With Customized Support and Services

We’re here to help you produce all of your events, venues, and webinars. Our services and support allow you and your team to be as hands-on, or as hands-off, as you’d like.

Basic project management tasks, plus guided customer task support in preparation for self-service.

Our teams will navigate you through the platform, every step of the way, in a very hands-on approach through collective working sessions. 

Primary project management task support, plus guided customer action.

Work collaboratively with our support team to organize and structure your virtual environment.

White glove project management, plus add-on services.

This plan is perfect for teams without the bandwidth to work on the virtual environment project. 6Connex does it all. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Book a time slot with one of our event experts to see a personalized demo that shows how our tech helps your business thrive.