The 6Connex event or venue you’re trying to access is no longer available.

Not to worry – we can help you discover other places to go, people to meet, and things to do. Take a look at your options below and let us know how we can point you in the right direction.

Did you attend an event on the 6Connex platform?

The event space you’re seeking has been retired, but there are still plenty of 6Connex resources and experiences to enjoy! You can connect with your organization’s event team to participate in future events or check out our Resources page to discover how 6Connex transforms big event ideas into one-of-a-kind experiences for participants like you.

Are you a 6Connex customer?

Your control panel and/or virtual experience has been retired. If you have another virtual event you’d like to host on our platform, reach out to our sales team to put your idea into action or request a demo to learn more about 6Connex’s exciting new features.

Are you a current 6Connex customer looking for up-to-date resources?

We can help! Click on one of the links below and see what’s new at 6Connex:

virtual solutions for customer success 
6connex virtual event platform security and privacy in meeting room header

Have you hosted an event with a 6Connex partner?

You’re in luck! 6 Connex has a robust list of agency, technology, and application partners who work with us to push the boundaries of virtual events and deliver the ultimate digital experience to your attendees. We’re always happy to forge connections (it comes with the name!), so visit 6Connex Partners to learn more and then contact us to request an introduction.