Virtual Recruitment to Access Top Talent and Increase Return on Investment

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HR Teams

Combine the 6Connex flexible virtual environment with resumé search tools to increase your candidate pool and immediately shortlist talent.

Virtual Job Fairs

6Connex’s virtual career fairs allow employers to connect with thousands of potential hires, dramatically reducing costs compared to in-person events and increasing the return on recruitment and training investments.

Virtual Benefits Fairs

6Connexs virtual benefits fairs allow employees to engage with benefits providers via virtual booths and learn about company benefits no matter their physical location.

Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Eliminate financial, time zone, and accessibility barriers to access an unlimited number of candidates worldwide.

Efficiently Identify Talent

Leverage state-of-the-art tools to easily assess skills and quickly identify high quality candidates.

Provide an Interactive, Exciting Experience

Increase engagement by providing a realistic, captivating experience that allows users to consume desired content on their timeframe.

Drive Insights

Promote your brand and showcase your culture with powerful visuals, meaningful interactions, and engaging content.

Key Features

Flexible & Configurable

Combine any number of spaces and designs to create your virtual event.

Engaging Presentations

Leverage an integrated webcast platform for presentations, demos, and more.


Capture attendee details prior to event access for easy post-event communication.

Entitlements & Attendee Groups

Present the right content to the right audience with powerful entitlement options.


Incentivize attendees to interact throughout the environment with games, contests, and more.

Social Networking & Connection

Bring attendees together to network and collaborate via chat and social channels.

National Environmental Health Association

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) has implemented multiple Virtual Conferences for its members to provide ongoing information and training. Learn how NEHA has leveraged 6Connex to reach its members through virtual events and enable global discussions about environmental and public health topic areas.



Harness the power of virtual events to connect with a global audience