Engage and inform employees about benefits with a virtual benefits fair

HR Teams

Combine the 6Connex flexible virtual environment with resumé search tools to increase your candidate pool and immediately shortlist talent.

Virtual Job Fairs

6Connex’s virtual career fairs allow employers to connect with thousands of potential hires, dramatically reducing costs compared to in-person events and increasing the return on recruitment and training investments.

Virtual Benefits Fairs

6Connexs virtual benefits fairs allow employees to engage with benefits providers via virtual booths and learn about company benefits no matter their physical location.

Make benefits education easy by using a virtual events platform

A virtual benefits fair gives your employees 24/7/365 access to benefits information. It allows for scheduled HR “office hours,” introduces new Employee Assistance Programs, invites outside firms to chat virtually with employees, and ultimately increases employees’ understanding of their benefits and how to use them.

From large corporations to universities, 6Connex virtual job fairs quickly connect employers to job seekers.

Learn about Virtual Job Fairs:

See how you can reach the right talent with 6Connex virtual job fairs. Our platform allows you to create an online home for job listings, company videos, and downloadable content. Candidates can attend from any location and at any time.


Virtual Benefits Fair: The New Solution for Open Enrollment

6Connex’s all-in-one virtual events software helps you optimize your open enrollment events to get more employees enrolled with speed, accuracy, and ease. Give benefits providers and human resource personnel access to expert tools such as webinars, brochures, and real-time chat rooms. Create an informed work culture and improve employee retention.

Download our e-book to learn how a virtual benefits fair can increase employee loyalty and satisfaction.

LAZ Parking Takes Open Enrollment Virtual for 4,000+ Employees

How employers communicate their benefits plan to employees impacts loyalty, satisfaction, and productivity. With the 6Connex virtual events platform, LAZ Parking was able to send a consistent message to their employees regardless of location. Because the 6Connex virtual online conference platform was easy to access and easy to use, all employees were able to fully participate and engage in discussions.

See how LAX Parking helped their employees make informed benefits selection decisions by taking open enrollment virtual.

Manage Access Inside your Virtual Benefits Fair

The 6Connex virtual events platform includes powerful entitlement features that allow you to customize experiences for employees and benefits experts. Set permissions for access to particular content and live-event messaging. Each group will see exactly what they’re supposed to see.

Learn how permission-based access can enhance your virtual benefits fair.

Metrics and Reporting: Keys to a Successful Virtual Benefits Fair

6Connex gives you 24/7 access to 35+ reports via an easy-to-use dashboard. View virtual benefits fair metrics at a glance and easily download reports. You can even schedule reports to be delivered automatically to your inbox.

Download our data sheet to get additional details on 6Connex virtual benefits fair reports.

Key Features

Flexible Content Matrix

Combine any number of spaces and designs to create your virtual events.

Engaging Presentations

Leverage an integrated webcast platform for presentations, demos, and more.

Entitlements & Learning Sets

Present the right content to the right audience with powerful entitlement options.

Administrative Tools

Track activity and ROI with 24/7 access to 35+ real-time reports.

Social Engagement

Bring attendees together to network and collaborate via chat and social channels.

Reporting & Metrics

Track attendee activity and measure ROI with 24/7 access to 25+ real-time reports.

The New Solution For Open Enrollment:

Using a virtual benefits fair to facilitate open enrollment can help you build employee loyalty, satisfaction, and appreciation as well as streamline the process to enhance productivity and reduce costs in your organization. Download our e-book to learn more.


Everything you need to optimize your events at scale

6Connex introduces events to global markets, optimizes the event experience, and extends the shelf-life of event content so companies can improve engagement and increase event ROI.


The 6Connex virtual event platform is hosted in the cloud, allowing companies to expand to accommodate any size audience.

Enterprise-level Security

6Connex complies with the most stringent enterprise security requirements, with features including whitelisting, blacklisting, and secure cookie handling.

The HTML5 Advantage

6Connex is the only virtual event software developed with HTML5 for a seamless mobile experience and cross-platform support.

Detailed Metrics and Reporting

The 6Connex platform tracks and measures your event ROI. Gain insight into user behavior and content preferences and track quality leads.

Choice of Rooms and Spaces

From single conference rooms to full-size events featuring exhibit halls, booths, lounges, and more, 6Connex customizes your platform to meet your needs.

Social Networking & Interactions

Interact directly with your virtual event attendees and expand the dialog with live chats, polls, RSS feeds, and social media.

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