Meet 6Connex

"We’re the ambassadors of virtual and hybrid events. That's not a tagline—it’s a personality. We’re the thinkers behind the technology innovation, the drivers of digital collaborations, the protectors of customer brands, and the respectful, supportive voice in the industry conversation.

Our workforce, like our technology, is about engagement. Our employees flourish in an open culture where they communicate and collaborate, challenging the status quo, and reimagining the industry. And our approach, like our events, puts people at the center.

We care – for each other, for our customers, and for our community. Our good outcomes are good for everyone."
- Ruben Castaño, CEO

We welcome and embrace diversity

We welcome and embrace diversity

We foster a supportive, inclusive, and diverse environment of people from all walks of life who are passionate about our products, services, and mission here at 6Connex.

We value what truly matters

We value what truly matters

The 6Connex team is valued in all aspects of their lives, including professionally and personally. Our team comprises of innovative, curious, collaborative, optimistic, like-minded team players all working in unison to exceed customer expectations day in and day out.

6Connex Core Values


Commit to doing the right thing in a reliable way with integrity.

We Are
We Are

Commit to common goals via teamwork and collaboration.


Foster fun, honest, and empathetic attitudes.


Implement an agile approach to innovative ideas.

Customer Focus

Customer success guides our behavior.

Blaze your trail with us - join the 6Connex team

We’re always on the lookout for unique and talented individuals to join our team of virtual and hybrid event experts. If you like new ideas, want to re-invent community engagement, and are seeking a rapidly evolving work environment, we want to hear from you!

6Connex is a Dura Software Company

Dura Software specializes in hyper-niche software products that fit narrow but mission-critical use cases for business customers. We partner with each of the companies in our portfolio to achieve their financial and operational goals, and our diverse team has the critical knowledge, credibility, and professional networks necessary to build industry-leading organizations with strategic value.