Change the way your learners engage with training courses and educational content.


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Flexible Content Matrix

Organize training programs in the most logical path.

  • Subjects: the highest level organizing principle for courses.
  • Topics: associated with a top-level subject and can include multiple courses.
  • Courses: associated with a topic and include multiple activities and numerous administrative settings.

Course Detail

Every course includes numerous settings and options that allow for both customized learning and administrative control.

  • Rules-based course design dictates the order in which activities must be completed
  • Course progress is prominently displayed for the learner, along with course status: assigned, enrolled, started, not completed
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Quizzes & Polls

Assess learner knowledge or capture learner opinion with quizzes & polls.

  • Quizzes and polls offer four question types: single choice, multiple choice, textbox, dropdown
  • Quizzes can also include:
    • points assigned by question
    • required points/percentage to pass

Entitlements & Learning Sets

Expose the right content to the right learners with powerful entitlement options.

  • Entitlement can be assigned by:
    • email domain at the point of registration
    • answer to multiple registration questions
    • individual registrant
    • .csv upload
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Reporting & Metrics

Track learner progress with a real-time dashboard and scheduled progress reports.

  • 24/7 access to enrollment and learner progress
  • Detailed course and individual activity reports
  • Quiz and poll results
  • Chat and engagement reports

Administrative Tools

Manage and customize learning programs with robust administrative tools.

  • Course creation with:
    • specific activity order
    • release and expiration date
    • prerequisites
    • mandatory enrollment
field marketing portal


Tailored curriculums
Courses & Prerequisites
Test (auto-score)
Course completion tracking
Certification (auto-send)
Virtual mentoring
1:1 and Group Chat
Real-Time Reporting
LMS integration

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