Action-Packed Virtual Events for Learning, Networking, and Sharing Your Products and Services


New ideas, new connections, and new
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Flexible & Exciting Experience

Virtual events can run all year long, featuring new and exciting materials to continually captivate your audience

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A Successful virtual event requires a strong partner to achieve your engagement goals:

  • Dedicated client support
  • Multi-platform, multi-browser technical capabilities
  • Guides and tips to create, promote, and drive interactivity

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Drive Insights

Virtual events ensure continuous improvement and increasing ROI with metrics to evaluate messaging, content, and program effectiveness.

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Virtual events support global sustainability initiatives:

Sustainability Social: promote inclusivity, diversity, and opportunity Environmental: reduce carbon footprint with zero-waste engagement Economic: increase ROI and efficiency

Key Features

Flexible & Configurable

Combine any number of spaces and designs to create your virtual event.

Engaging Presentations

Leverage an integrated webcast platform for presentations, demos, and more.


Capture attendee details prior to event access for easy post-event communication.

Entitlements & Attendee Groups

Present the right content to the right audience with powerful entitlement options.


Incentivize attendees to interact throughout the environment with games, contests, and more.

Social Networking & Connection

Bring attendees together to network and collaborate via chat and social channels.

Hear what our customers have to say:

With more than 60 speakers and 25,000 registrants, Bamboo HR was confident in their choice of vendors to create and manage their virtual event.

Everything you need to optimize your events at scale

6Connex introduces events to global markets, optimizes the event experience, and extends the shelf-life of event content so companies can improve engagement and increase event ROI.


The 6Connex virtual event platform is hosted in the cloud, allowing companies to expand to accommodate any size audience.

Enterprise-level Security

6Connex complies with the most stringent enterprise security requirements, with features including whitelisting, blacklisting, and secure cookie handling.

The HTML5 Advantage

6Connex is the only virtual event software developed with HTML5 for a seamless mobile experience and cross-platform support.

Detailed Metrics and Reporting

The 6Connex platform tracks and measures your event ROI. Gain insight into user behavior and content preferences and track quality leads.

Choice of Rooms and Spaces

From single conference rooms to full-size events featuring exhibit halls, booths, lounges, and more, 6Connex customizes your platform to meet your needs.

Social Networking & Interactions

Interact directly with your virtual event attendees and expand the dialog with live chats, polls, RSS feeds, and social media.

Harness the power of virtual events to connect with a global audience