A Secure Virtual Platform, Purpose Built to Drive Engagement


The 6Connex virtual event platform helps companies reach new prospects, build their brand, engage a global audience, and drive sales.


A Successful Virtual Event Starts with the Right Platform

6Connex virtual environments leverage state-of-the-art features and technology to deliver innovative and engaging programs that enhance the user experience, drive engagement, and increase event ROI.


Flexible & Configurable

The first HTML5 virtual environment platform, 6Connex provides a wide range of innovative features designed to attract and engage global audiences.

Combine any number of spaces and designs to create your virtual event.

Options include:

  • Lobby
  • Auditorium/theater
  • Exhibit hall & booth
  • Networking lounge
  • Resource center
  • Classroom
  • Video wall
  • Help desk
  • Info center
  • High-impact background designs
  • Custom branding
  • Unique 3D designs
  • Real world photos and images

Engaging Presentations

Leverage an integrated webcast platform for presentations.

Include any mix of rooms/spaces, with a look and feel to match the virtual event program.

Room Options include:

  • Live, simulive, or on-demand
  • Audio, webcam, or video with slides
  • Polls, Q&A, feedback surveys
  • Speaker bios & presentation resources
  • Screenshare
  • Whiteboarding
  • Presenter console

Administrative Tools

Build and manage all aspects of a virtual environment with a full suite of tools.

Create multiple levels of access to administrative control panel, including reports-only access.

  • General settings
  • Registration
  • Access & entitlement
  • Content libraries
  • Representative & staff
  • Tracking & metrics
  • Preview & publish
  • Virtual builder for easy creation of rooms and spaces
  • Room builder accounts for sponsors or partners
  • Access to specific rooms
  • Access to specific features and reports

Multilingual Programs

Host localized event programs or include multiple languages in a single environment.

Implement language-specific system messages, menus, and navigation elements.

  • Unique signage and graphics, including room backgrounds
  • Registration capture per language
  • Option to toggle between languages
  • Support international date/time formats

Drive Attendee Engagement & Measure Results


Capture attendee details prior to granting access.

  • Platform registration

    • Standard and custom fields (up to 20)
    • Optional password protected
    • Profile attachments and photos
    • Social registration via Linkedin
  • 3rd-party registration

    • Public API for registration via 3rd-party sites
    • Marketo and Eloqua webhooks

Entitlements & Attendee Groups

Expose the right content to the right attendees with powerful entitlement options.

  • Entitlement can be assigned by:

    • Email domain at the point of registration
    • Registration form fields
    • Individual registrant
  • Once assigned, access can be granted to:

    • Individual webinars or sessions
    • Entire rooms or spaces
    • Public chats

Reporting & Metrics

Track activity and ROI with 24/7 access to 35+ real-time reports.

  • Who registered?
  • Who attended?
  • What content was most popular?
  • Who viewed each content item?
  • What booths/rooms were popular?
  • What was posted in public chats?
  • What conversations were had with staff?

Hear what our customers have to say:

Hosting a virtual sales kick-off meeting is complex but rewarding. The process includes a tremendous amount of strategy, planning, design, and development before the execution phase. Check out how 6Connex has helped SonicWall on this journey.

Everything you need to optimize your events at scale

6Connex introduces events to global markets, optimizes the event experience, and extends the shelf-life of event content so companies can improve engagement and increase event ROI.


The 6Connex virtual event platform is hosted in the cloud, allowing companies to expand to accommodate any size audience.

Enterprise-level Security

6Connex complies with the most stringent enterprise security requirements, with features including whitelisting, blacklisting, and secure cookie handling.

The HTML5 Advantage

6Connex is the only virtual event software developed with HTML5 for a seamless mobile experience and cross-platform support.

Detailed Metrics and Reporting

The 6Connex platform tracks and measures your event ROI. Gain insight into user behavior and content preferences and track quality leads.

Choice of Rooms and Spaces

From single conference rooms to full-size events featuring exhibit halls, booths, lounges, and more, 6Connex customizes your platform to meet your needs.

Social Networking & Interactions

Interact directly with your virtual event attendees and expand the dialog with live chats, polls, RSS feeds, and social media.

Harness the power of virtual events to connect with a global audience