Why You Should Host A Virtual Benefits Fair For Your Employees

Offering a virtual benefits fair for your employees has several pros, aside from being cost-effective. We’re outlining several great reasons your company should host a virtual benefits fair.

Outlining the many reasons for hosting a virtual benefits fair

why you should host a virtual benefits fair for your employees

When choosing a job, the benefits package is a large factor for many employees. Even current employees consider their benefits as a pro — or perhaps even a con — if they are ever questioning a job change. But, many employees may not even know the details of their current benefits package.

To resolve this, many companies make it a point to host a benefits fair for their employees. Many employees may feel they don’t have the time to educate themselves on the benefits, or which benefits to choose. On the flipside, several employers may not have the resources or understand how to educate their employees on the benefits they’re offering.

An initial approach to employee education is often printed materials: brochures, packets, and handouts. These could be provided within the office or even at a benefits fair with booths and representatives from different companies involved in the provided benefits.

But what about presenting this information in a place your employees feel most at home? Online.

Hosting a virtual benefits fair online for your employees has several benefits, including:

  • Being able to reach and inform all employees, no matter their geographic location

Believe it or not, many companies spend thousands putting human resource managers on planes all over the world to meet with employees in-person. A virtual setup means saving all of that money, while still having everyone in the same room.

  • Allows employees to take complete ownership of their benefits package

In a virtual benefits fair, employees can visit the booths or watch the presentations that they need and only those. They can download certain information and refer back to it whenever they need it.

  • Allows employees to get educated from the comfort of their home or office

Hosting a virtual benefits fair puts people in multiple situations where they feel comfortable — in an online environment, accessing information from wherever they work. This allows employees to better absorb the provided information.

  • Gets employees engaged in a new way

A virtual benefits fair is new and exciting, and getting employees engaged may give them an entirely new outlook on wellness.

  • Allows employees to get answers straight from representatives’ mouths

No more playing a game of telephone with important information on health insurance. At a virtual benefits fair, employees can ask the questions they need answers for and they can get direct answers from insurance representatives.

  • Eliminates fixed costs associated with benefits, such as printing

Virtual benefits fairs are cost-effective in many ways, from travel, printing, venue rental, etc.

  • Allows employers to get immediate feedback

Employers can get statistics on what booths employees visited the most, or what presentation had the most attendance, and this information can help guide future communications.

  • Allows employees to involve their partner and/or family

Because employees can access the fair and any accompanying information from anywhere, it means they can include the people in their lives (whom will likely be affected by the benefits) that matter.

  • Employees will see (and feel) that their health and wellness is important to their employer

Virtual benefits fairs tend to show employees just how much they mean to their employer, and that’s likely one of the top reasons to host one!


A virtual benefits fair is cost-effective, global, engaging, informative, and it boosts employee morale, among many other things.

One big pro for hosting a virtual benefits fair is that it helps employees feel connected and gives them access to the information they need at any time.

At 6Connex, our platform allows companies to host virtual benefits fairs that look a lot like an in-person benefits fair, complete with booths, presentations, and even an auditorium. Don’t worry, we’re not leaving it up to you to figure it all out, that’s what we’re here for!

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